Some plugins simply 'must have' when you launch a new Minecraft server with Spigot or Bukkit. While each server can vary, these plugins are usually utilized on all kinds of servers (and for a good reason). Here at Server colocation, we have brought Best Minecraft Server Plugins recommendations for you.
We have a basic overview of the following best plugins Minecraft server for people who are new to this game:

7 Best Minecraft Server Plugins

1. Modern LWC

Modern LWC is a plugin that starts with the LWC plugin that is discontinued. The main purpose of this plugin is to fix doors & chest keys. It has several useful properties, like password setting and changing so a certain door or chest can be opened and closed. Admins will decide who should design these locks precisely.

LWC can prevent any complaints on your registry, but other counter-grief plugins should also be included since this plugin covers only your door or chest. Without using such plugins, players can also crack blocks around the door or chest.

2. World Guard

If you manage a public server, you may have problems with players who complain, creates other players, and much more. World Guard manages to stop the grievance on servers, making it one of Bukkit & Spigot's best server plugins Minecraft. This plugin often helps you to cover some areas while enabling players to enter specific objects in areas like chests.

For instance, in a spawn, players may, while they are not allowed to position blocks, open chests, crates, anvils, etc.

Furthermore, you can conveniently set up an area where PVP is active, deactivate fly, and more if your players can fight in PVP. To that end, the PVP flags in World Guard are what you have to do.

3. Holographic Displays

If a new player reaches your server, it can be frustrating to know what to do next from your viewpoint. You can use signs or books, so why not enjoy reading? Perhaps you have to highlight a particular law or order. In these cases, holographic displays function perfectly!

For about anything today, we Holographic Displays. We have holographic displays established in all our server networks, from crate key guidance to simple orders to get began.

This plugin lets you place text in the text and format you need to anywhere in your country. The Bukkit colour code is fully compliant and is now available on almost every public server. Holographic displays allow you to get the interest of your players without spamming the chat with the broadcast.

4. Jobs Reborn 

In Minecraft, it can be a huge challenge to keep economies healthy. It's a huge challenge for players to ensure whether they are allowed to sell items to a server and that there are no flaws in the eco that can improve them.
As a result, increasing numbers of servers eliminates the opportunity to gain revenue by selling products to a store. Rather, they make players win money by playing the game. That's where Jobs Reborn enters.

Jobs Reborn is a plugin that adds many jobs from woodcutting to harvesting and agriculture. These positions all allow you to make money in the game and allow your players to buy stuff without offering stuff to the server's shop. Also, Jobs Reborn introduces leaderboards and other tools to hold players up to their jobs.

5. LagAssist

LagAssist is the Minecraft server's next-generation for lag reduction. It can do everything from improvements to the hopper configuration to restrict companies to effectively stack mobs to even optimize Redstone and the spawners. It's a huge advantage if the server lags.

On our Network Server, we utilize LagAssist, which helps a lot in chunk overload, object overloading, optimization of hopper, Redstone restricting, and even TPS alerts. We suggest that you paired this with Spark to get as much information as possible on your server from TPS.

Truly, the best thing is that all of the items listed are adaptable and can be turned off very, very quickly. Just turn it off if you don't want a feature. If you think that a function makes it less responsive, change its settings. What LagAssist does, you are totally in charge.

6. MultiVerse

You will get more realms on the server for MultiVerse. Do you want a different mining world to keep the nation clean? Would you want a plot world? MultiVerse is the best plugins for Minecraft server 1.14, which allows you to do anything. MultiVerse is also a perfect way to experiment with more complex server games without establishing a complete network.

7. DiscordSRV

DiscordSRV is a plugin for creating Discord channels that will display your Minecraft talk and your discord server console. This will allow you to maintain files and moderate the server since you can see the talk on the game without Minecraft. This is awesome.

You can also talk to players using Discord in-game and send code using the in-game Minecraft server console that can aid players to prohibit, make random key drops, etc., rather than needing to go on the game or to the server host to run the commands. Additional functions like connecting discourse accounts of members to their Minecraft profiles are also available.

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How does Spigot and Bukkit (CraftBukkit) differ?

The variations are generally very slight. Spigot usually performs well and allows you to use the Bungee Cord feature. This function makes a player switch between the Minecraft servers without logging out and returning to another IP. This innovation makes it easy for players to move from other servers (e.g. mini server, creative server, survival server, etc.) and to provide one 'lobby' or 'hub' server very quickly.


These plugins will support any Minecraft server for one purpose or another. There are, of course, more plugins, and for certain server types, some are necessary. There are other plugins, which I think are necessary but not supplied by themselves, like Vault or NuVotifier.

Here at server colocation, I have described the 7 best Minecraft server plugins. You don't have to utilize each of these plugins. This list is only a blend of the seven best plugins for Minecraft survival/roleplay server based on discussions and my interaction with service users.

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