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Fun Minecraft Plugins – How to Install Minecraft Plugins in Minutes

Best Fun Minecraft Plugins for any Bukkit Server

It's fun to operate a vanilla Minecraft server, but the actual benefit of Bukkit is that they can install plug-ins for gameplay transformation. We've gathered lists of the best to add to your server and have Bukkit plugins do everything from defending your environment and managing big servers to adding gameplay and additional features. Here at Server Colocation, I am going to describe the fun Minecraft plugins for the bukkit server.

fun Minecraft plugins

If you don't know Bukkit, the fork of Mojang's official server from Minecraft is modified. This allows server administrators to change and safeguard the gameplay world, and to use server mods. It is quicker than the official server, too. Spigot is the latest version of Bukkit.

Installing Fun Minecraft Plugins

It's fairly easy to install plugins, just click and drag the computer. In the 'plugins' directory of your server jar file, restart the server. However, when many plugins and incompatible plugins are installed, problems can arise. Bukkit plugins that are obsolete may operate, or may not. Review which Bukkit version you run with "/version" in chat. Plugins built for 1.7 are usually 1.8 works, but they don't work sometimes. It is recommended that plugins be installed one at a time so that you know which one caused the problem in case of integration.


WorldGuard are large fun plugins for minecraft which safeguards your universe. It defends your world against beasts or new people being ruined outside your box. The main characteristic of these regions is the ability to create and define rules. You may set an area for your house to contain and set the game rules in that area, for example, so that none other than you can go in or set blocks. In the area, you can also avoid the use of items such as TNT. WorldGuard has many excellent characteristics and must be installed on any public server that protects itself against players who only want to cause destruction.


WorldEdit is the hardest on this list, but not difficult to get it. It's not difficult. WorldEdit facilitates repeated tasks in Minecraft by providing alternatives to the control line. You can, for instance, select angles of the surface and fill them with WorldEdit rather than trying to fill each stone block on a 1000 block floor. This simplifies the construction of contours for big projects. WorldEdit is a helpful plugin for the construction of huge projects, but this plugin is not essential if you prefer building in survival.


Multiverse is a plugin to provide numerous Minecraft worlds with assistance. You can load and move on your server with Multiverse 20 different Minecraft worlds. It also has instructions to completely generate new worlds. This plugin is nice for any big server requiring more space, or to add new worlds to a small server. The Multiverse-Core fun minecraft server plugins includes the foundation of the plugin and can be downloaded from the developer's Bukkit page. It has a multi-versus plugin, making it simple to move without any instructions between the world.


In contrast to others, Vault is a plugin. For all servers with lots of plugins, Vault manages the encounters between plugins. Vault provides and administers these systems with easy hooks in authorizations, chat, and economical systems. Since this API is so useful it takes or benefits many plugins. Vault is not a funny, feature-rich plugin, but it is necessary. The Bukkit Developer page can be downloaded.

You require Vault if you'd like a system for economics on your server. Vault supports several most common systems, CraftConomy, and iConomy among them.


BPermissions connects to Vault and manages which players can perform certain commands. For instance, players could be allowed to alter from survival to innovative mode however, WorldEdit cannot be used. There are other permission plugins, but Vault supports bPermissions, which is simple to utilize with no server files being edited. The Bukkit Developer page can be downloaded.


Another utility plugin LaggRemover allows the server to operate better by clearing undesirable entities and unloading chunks that need not be loaded. These are different minecraft fun plugins, which is not brilliant and changeable, but it certainly pays to be installed. The Bukkit Developer page can be downloaded.


DynMap is a wonderful plugin that helps make your world interface and Internet access. DynMap currently runs a website from inside of your Minecraft server, which can be accessed by entering the IP address of your Minecraft server (just 'localhost' if you run this from your home machine). DynMap is a great plugin for every server that undertakes large construction projects, or a survival server that plans bases or just views your Minecraft world without the maps. The Bukkit Developer page can be downloaded.

Citizen and Denizen

Two plugins go well around each other Citizen and Denizen. Citizens are a plugin that adds NPCs and defends additional tasks to your world. Denizen is a Citizens' plugin, but it works for itself. Denizen is a complete Minecraft script language. With Citizens, you can build scripted NPCs, or completely renounce the use of Minecraft for code. The ordinary Minecraft user should not be given Citizens and Denizen, but verify out Citizens and Denizen if that's something you're interested in.


The OpenInv enables you to open the stock or end chest of any player and interact with them in real-time. This offers incredible administration on any Minecraft server. For offline players, this can also be done! In addition, in the game, you can also block any chest from other blocks. You can edit stocks to change lost parts, erase illegal weapons, and troll your friends that we suppose! This plugin can edit inventories! All in every Minecraft server this powerful plugin tool must be provided.

Holographic Displays

Holographic display is a plugin that does what the tin says! You can establish brilliant futuristic holograms for text and player objects. This plugin is wonderful and can be utilized to display significant player news and data, including commands for voting, guidelines for strategic places, or guidelines on the server.


Hopefully, you've got a good overview of some of the best fun Minecraft plugins for any bukkit server we suggest for Minecraft in 2021. You can buy a Minecraft server here at Server Colocation if you want to get started with a Minecraft server.

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