HPE Proliant DL380 Gen9: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The HPE Proliant DL380 is a rack server with a 2U form factor that was created to cut down on complexity and expenses. This server is very efficient in terms of energy use and also has a flexible architecture and agile infrastructure management. This rack server provides continuous availability and powerful computing for users that are interested in using a single platform to manage a range of business workloads (HPC).

Within the line of 2P rack servers offered by Hewlett Packard Company, the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Server offers the highest levels of performance and expandability. Because of its dependability, serviceability, and almost constant availability, in addition to the extensive guarantee that backs it up, it is an excellent choice for any setting. Implement the standard for the data center.


It just so happens that the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 rack server is one of the most popular servers offered by HPE, and the company refers to it as the "datacenter standard." This server provides support for the most recent technological advancements and excels at providing typical business tools as well as applications that are crucial to the goal. The new technologies include support for HPE's persistent memory and 25GbE networking. The higher performance that HPE's NVDIMMs provide for database and analytic applications is made possible by the fact that they are tailored for the ProLiant range of servers. 

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On the DL380 Gen9, you are limited to installing a maximum of two processors belonging to the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 or Intel E5-2600 v3 families. The performance of Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 chips is improved by 23% in comparison to that of E5-2600 v3 processors.


Up to 24 individual HPE DDR4 SmartMemory modules may be installed on a ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server. It has a memory capacity of an astonishing 3 terabytes when all 24 available slots are filled with DDR4 LRDIMM modules of 128 gigabytes each. Administrators may anticipate a 21% gain in performance when using HPE SmartMemory as opposed to using RAM that has not been validated by HP. The DL380 G9 is one of the first ProLiant servers to support HPE Persistent Memory, which provides speed and data resilience but has a memory capacity of 128GB by utilizing 8GB modules in 16 slots. Despite this, it is one of the first ProLiant servers to support HPE Permanent Memory. Registered DIMMs are also supported, but their maximum capacity is limited to 768GB when employing modules of 32GB each. Memory with rates of up to 2400MHz may be used, but the system must also have a v4 CPU that is compatible with it.


The chassis of the HPE DL380 G9 has been rebuilt from the ground up, and it now has Universal Media Bay configurations that can handle anywhere from 8 to 24 SFF drives and either 4 or 12 LFF drive choices. In addition, there are NVMe alternatives available, and the device also supports drives in the back for increased storage capacity and redundancy. Boot, data, and media are all handled by an inbuilt SATA controller that is part of the HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i. Administrators can use any of the many different Smart SAS HBA Controllers to get access rates of 12Gb/s.


In a dual processor configuration, the DL380 Gen9 offers up to six PCIe 3.0 expansion slots. These slots can be used to speed up work by adding more network interface controllers (NICs), controller cards, or a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is twice as wide.

The HPE DL380 Gen9 comes equipped with embedded management that is managed by HPE's integrated LightsOut (iLO) Management. This administration provides administrators with several management options, including remote console, service alerts, and reporting. Intelligent Provisioning is another basic feature that is offered, and its purpose is to both ease the process of deploying servers and provide flexibility. System setup is handled via an intuitive wizard that is accessible on all Gen9 platforms and is universally compatible with all operating systems. Through HPE Insight Online, you can make your own dashboard to help with and keep an eye on the health of converged infrastructures.

Common Features

  1. The Source of Power

The HPE Flexible Slot (Flex Slot) Power Supplies all have the same electrical and physical design, which enables them to be installed into HPE ProLiant Gen9 Performance Servers by simply plugging them in without the need for any additional tools. Users are able to "right-size" a power supply for certain server configurations with the help of Flex Slot power supplies since they are certified for high-efficiency operation and provide different power output choices. Flex Slot power supplies are also modular in design. Because of this flexibility, power waste can be cut down, total energy costs can be brought down, and "stuck" power capacity can be avoided in the data center.

Every pre-configured server comes with a standard IEC C-13/C-14 jumper wire of 6 feet in length (A0K02A). Each and every basic AC power supply option kit comes with this jumper cable already attached to it. In the event that a new kind of power cable is needed,

  1. Warranty

This product is backed by a limited warranty that is valid across the globe and is supported by HPE Services as well as a global network of resellers who are HPE Authorized Channel Partners. After the date of purchase, customers have access to diagnostic assistance and repair services for a period of three years. After the first purchase, you get access to support for the product and the initial setup for a period of ninety days. Whether you make use of HPE Pointnext's operational services or one of their tailored service agreements, you may get improvements to the warranty services you get. Hard drives typically come with either a one-year or three-year guarantee; for further information, see the QuickSpecs of the particular hard drive in question.

Optional Features

  1. Embedded Management

All HPE ProLiant servers are eligible for full and unrestricted access to the intelligent remote capability provided by HPE iLO Advanced licensing. The license grants the user access to a fully integrated remote console, a virtual keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM), multi-user collaboration, console recording and replaying capabilities, as well as GUI-based and scripted virtual media and virtual folders. You can also choose to turn on the feature for more security and better power management.

  1. Server Management

Through a solitary and straightforward administration panel, HPE Insight Control enables you to install, move, monitor, and remotely control as well as improve your IT infrastructure. A HyperScale management framework, HPE Insight Cluster Administration Utility comprises software for the centralized provisioning, management, and monitoring of nodes and infrastructure. This software is part of the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility.

  1. Infrastructure for Racks and Power Supplies

Products and services offered by HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure make it possible to develop highly effective and highly intelligent solutions for new and existing IT data centers. The HPE Rack and Power infrastructure solutions, which include rack infrastructure, power protection and management, and performance optimized data centers (PODs), are the foundation you need to help ensure your organization's continued success in the field of information technology. These solutions are developed to assist you in adapting to changes in the sector that you work in. They provide capabilities to manage, monitor, deploy, and provide infrastructure from the entry level all the way up to the enterprise level in an effective and user-friendly manner. As the leader in its field, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is in a better position than its competitors to solve the most important problems of power, cooling, cable management, and system access. 

  1. Clusters with a High Level of Performance

HPE Cluster Platforms are large-scale ProLiant clusters that have been particularly developed and factory-integrated for High Performance Computing. These platforms allow users to select their own servers, networks, and applications. The Microsoft Windows HPEC Server operating system is one of the options, along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, each of which has its own set of pricing. The ordering process is made easier by a Cluster Platform Configurator.

  1. Software for Storing Data

If you need to tackle a particular data protection, archiving, or storage command and control difficulty, or if you need to deliver on strategic consolidation, compliance, or continuity efforts, then you need look no farther than the storage software that is offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. You will be able to save expenses, simplify storage infrastructure, preserve key assets, and react more quickly to business possibilities with the assistance of our storage software. Software for data storage that is reliable and effective:



We are inclined to trust HPE when they declare that this is the best-selling server in the world because of the DL380 Gen9 server's performance, agility, and resilience. HPE claims that this server is the best-selling server in the world. Administrators have a variety of choices to choose from when building this highly scalable server, including the most recent Intel Xeon CPUs, NVDIMM options, and a new Universal Media Bay Configuration with support for back drives. This server is a jack-of-all-trades and can handle everything from the simplest to the most important applications. It is a versatile workhorse.

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