HPE Proliant DL360p Gen 8: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The HPE Proliant DL360p is a rack server that takes up one unit and is meant to increase both productivity and the capacity for storage. The storage capacity, energy efficiency, and performance levels of this server are among the best in the business. This rack server is perfect for general-purpose tasks and computing workloads that are dynamic. Users who desire more automation capabilities should consider purchasing this server.

The fact that the ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server from HPE offers two sockets' worth of processing power in a rack chassis that takes up just one unit of rack space makes it the perfect choice for types of applications and cloud-based workloads. This server has more ways to automate things and more ways to store things, which makes it easier to manage the system over its whole life.


The HPE ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server is a space-conscious platform with two processors that is ideal for various applications, platform virtualization workloads, virtualization, and cloud solutions. This server was developed as part of HPE's Project Voyager. This newer model of server has more storage capacity and superior performance compared to its predecessor. In addition to this, it has new drive carriers, quicker array controllers, and faster memory that operates at a lower voltage. The HPE Management Engine has inbuilt Intelligent Provisioning, which makes the process of starting up a server easier and more efficient. Continuous monitoring provided by the Forever Proactive Health System improves system steadiness while also cutting downtime. The SmartSocket Guides that came out with the Gen8 series from HPE were made to make it easier for customers to install processors and reduce the amount of downtime they have to deal with.

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A maximum of two processors, either from Intel's E5-2600 family or from Intel's E5-2600 v2 family, each of which offers a performance boost of 35%, may be supported by Intel's C600 chipset. These processors can either be standard E5-2600 family machines or E5-2600 v2 family manufacturers. Systems with a single CPU come with six fans, whereas configurations with two processors come with eight fans and have redundancy built in for the fans. Inside the chassis, the arrangement is organized and quite well organized, and it is simple to get access to components for the purposes of upgrading or replacing them. Multiple thermal sensors dispersed throughout the chassis monitor the temperature of the components and guarantee that sufficient airflow is present. The automated adjustment of fan speed made possible by HPE's three-dimensional network of temperature sensors not only helps cut down on power usage but also eliminates superfluous fan noise. Using the BIOS, users can either manually adjust the level of cooling needed or turn off all of the cooling settings that are controlled automatically to get the most airflow.

A powerful reconditioned server that can perform very well in challenging settings

The HP DL360p Gen8 is a 1U enterprise-class rack server that supports a total of 24 DIMMs with 12 memory slots per CPU. It can accommodate either two Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 processors in its available space. The HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server, which provides industry-leading performance and efficiency, offers industry-leading two-socket performance in a space-saving 1U size, making it ideal for any cloud solution or groups looking for a closely packed rack server able to excel in demanding environments. It offers these benefits in addition to offering industry-leading performance and efficiency.

Processing of large amounts of data in a timely manner

The HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 computers come standard with a storage controller that is an integrated HP Smart Array P420i/ZM and supports RAID levels 0/1/1+0. Support for RAID levels 0/1/1+0/5/5+0/6/6+0 can be obtained by upgrading the storage controller to either the trim level P420i/1GB with Flash-Based Write Cache (FBWC), the high performance model P420i/2GB with FBWC, or the entry-level model P420i/1GB with FBWC. All three of these models are available for purchase. The capacity of the DL360p Gen8 may reach up to 20 terabytes, and it can accept either eight or ten 2.5-inch SFF hot-swappable SATA, SAS, or SSD drives, depending on the model. This server supports four 3.5-inch hot-swappable SATA, SAS, or SSD drives, and it can accommodate a maximum capacity of 32 terabytes for the LFF variants. Big data operations and analytics are supported by storage alternatives that have a high capacity and are cost-effective. This enables data to be processed more quickly.

Take your performance to the next level with the high-powered E5-2600 v2 or E5-2600 processors

The HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server can accommodate up to two E5-2600 v2 or E5-2600 CPUs, which results in a maximum of 12 cores and 30MB of cache. The software-defined networking and flexible cloud architecture provided by Intel Xeon E5 processors will allow you to experience a significant increase in both performance and functionality. The E5 family offers adaptability across a wide range of workloads, whether they are run in the data center or in the cloud, and was designed specifically with the purpose of facilitating the construction of data centers of the future generation. Intel's technology is supported by both the base and performance levels of their processors. This technology has the potential to improve the performance of your system by making better use of its idle resources, which in turn leads to increased throughput for certain key applications. We've been told that mixing and matching different processor models is not supported.

DDR3 HP SmartMemory enables access to capabilities that improve operational effectiveness

The reconditioned HP DL360p Gen8 is equipped with a total of 24 DIMMs and 12 memory slots per GPU, allowing it to support a memory configuration of either 768GB of LRDIMM (24 x 32Megabytes at 1066 MHz), 384GB of RDIMM (24 x 16GB at 1333 MHz), 128GB of UDIMM (16 x 8GB at 1333 MHz), or 384GB of HDIMM. The memory configurations are (24 x 16GB at 1333 MHz). The HP SmartMemory solution is the best option for HP servers since it can determine whether or not the memory has successfully completed HP's rigorous qualifying and testing procedure. This enables the server to access specific performance and high efficiency capabilities.

Designed to provide the maximum possible efficiency from the power supply while maintaining full performance

The HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server has a height of 1.7 inches, a width of 17.1 inches, a depth of 27.5 inches when equipped with SFF drives, and a depth of 29.5 inches when equipped with LFF drives. It weighs around 45 pounds. Your hard discs and optical drives, in addition to two USB connectors and a VGA port, are located on the front of the DL360p. The rear of the server has an additional VGA port, a serial port, an iLO management connection, four USB ports, and power supply. Dual or quad-port LANs are also available as an add-on feature. There are three distinct power choices available, and they are 460W, 750W, and 1200W hot-switch power supplies, respectively. Power supplies for HP's common slot computers are designed to provide the maximum possible level of power supply efficiency without compromising overall system performance.

A variety of networking options to accommodate the demands placed on your infrastructure

Flexible Network Technology was launched with the release of the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers. This technology gives users the option of using either 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit networking gear. Windows Server, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Servers Server (SLES), Oracle Linux, VMware, and Citrix XenServer are some examples of the supported operating systems and virtualization software on the DL360p Gen8 server. Other options include Oracle Linux. 

Utilizing the online server customization tool will help you save both time and effort.

Using the online server customization tool offered by Techbuyer, you can quickly and simply build a server that meets all of your specific specifications. Depending on the requirements you have for your infrastructure, you may choose suitable memory, CPUs, storage, and other components. Your server will come completely constructed and ready for installation, saving you both time and the inconvenience of having to put it together yourself. Our full three-year guarantee is included with each and every one of our new and quality-reconditioned servers and options. Please get in touch with one of our devoted account managers to discuss adding a custom service level agreement (SLA) to your purchase so that you may take advantage of the 24/7 IT maintenance and support contracts that are also available on all configure-to-order servers. Take a look at HP's QuickSpecs if you want more information about the HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server line, or get in touch with our helpful staff if you have any questions about it. 


Each CPU has support for four memory channels, each of which may accommodate three DIMM slots containing DDR3 memory; this results in a total of 12 memory slots per processor. The system is able to accommodate a total of 24 memory modules when it is configured with two processors. Memory modules that are unbuffered (UDIMM), registered (RDIMM), and load-reduced (LRDIMM) provide administrators with choices for both performance and cost. DIMM modules may have capacities ranging from 4 gigabytes up to 32 gigabytes, with a maximum capacity of 768 gigabytes achievable by utilising 24 32-gigabyte LRDIMM modules. Memory rates of up to 1866MHz are possible with the HPE ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server when using the same LRDIMM memory configuration. However, the ability to do so is contingent on the CPU type that is installed. In comparison to prior generations, the memory performance of HPE's ProLiant Gen8 series was improved by 16.6% thanks to the introduction of SmartMemory. There is no support for mixing multiple kinds of memory modules together.


The Gen7 model now has a greater capacity for storage than previous generations. The new ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server from HPE supports either 4 Large Format (LFF), 8 Small Format (SFF), or 10 Small Format (SFF) hot plug drive bays for SAS, SATA, or SSD drives. The 4 LFF and 8 SFF variants are both capable of supporting an optical drive, but the 10 SFF model is unable to do so. The chassis configurations of SFF variants cannot be upgraded to those of LFF versions, or vice versa. In the 4 LFF chassis configuration, the maximum amount of internal storage space that can be handled is 32 terabytes. Up to 2 gigabytes of flash-backed write cache may be supported by the RAID controller included in HPE's Smart Array P420i (FBWC). This array is capable of supporting RAID 0 through RAID 60, as well as RAID 10, 5, 50, and 6. In their Gen8 servers, HPE included its SmartDrive carriers, which had LED status lights to provide the user with a large number of visual cues on the state of their hard drives.


The 1U server is quite small, yet it nevertheless manages to handle up to two PCIe 3.0 expansion slots, one of which is a low-profile slot. Both of the expansion slots may be supported by a setup with a single CPU. Another improvement brought by the ProLiant Gen7 series is HPE's tool-less, rapid access capabilities for stress-free expansion. These features may be accessed without the need for a tool. The addition of a dedicated FlexibleLOM slot won't affect your PCIe slots, and it also lets you connect to the network faster than with 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, or QDR/FDR InfiniBand.


The iLO 4.0 Management Engine from HPE provides support for the whole server lifecycle by integrating a wide variety of integrated management solutions. The current generation of management tools is more effective than those of earlier generations, which makes server coordination simpler. Coordination and administration are made easier by the usage of only one version of the iLO software across all ProLiant Gen8 servers. Built-in server health monitoring and alerting capabilities may be obtained via features such as HPE's Agentless Management, which does not require OS agents. Users are able to easily setup a server using HPE's Intelligent Provisioning without the requirement for any additional media; the use of SmartStart CDs is no longer required. There are many other upgrade alternatives available, such as HPE's Insight Control, which helps businesses save time and money by enabling the optimization of their IT infrastructure via a single management panel. The HPE Matrix Operating Environment has tools for the HPE CloudSystem Matrix that automate delivery, optimization, and recovery.


The HPE ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server is capable of supporting up to two processors from the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 series, memory of the DDR3 type, and a maximum memory capacity of 786GB when 32GB LRDIMMs are used. The ProLiant Gen8 servers were the first to integrate HPE's ProLiant 3D Sea of Sensors, which offers a real three-dimensional image of the server's temperature. This allows the fans to direct cooling to the areas of the server where it is needed the most. The HPE DL360p Gen8 was also the first product to incorporate HPE's SmartMemory, which consumes up to 20% less power while maintaining the same memory bandwidth. This results in a further reduction in the expenses associated with cooling your server. With its flat cabling, tool-less access to parts, and "easy to install" rail kit options, the DL360p Gen8 server makes server setup, upgrades, and serviceability a breeze. This is made possible by HPE's iLO Management Engine, which makes its large number of built-in management tools easier to find and access.

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