HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10: Specs and Rack Compatibility

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server

HPE's secure 2P/2U HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 offers world-class performance together with the optimal mix of expandability and scalability for growing businesses. It is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of tasks and environments. Because it was developed to have excellent flexibility and durability, and because it is backed by a thorough guarantee, it is ideal for use in a number of settings, including containers, the cloud, and big data. This is owing to the fact that the guarantee covers the product in its entirety. Make it a requirement that you use the computer platform that has the best reputation for dependability among your competitors.

Intel Xeon processors

Processor Suffix




Large memory tier

Up to 4.5 TB addressable memory per socket


Medium memory tier

Maximum accessible memory of 2.0 terabytes per socket (up to 1.5TB for 1st generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors denoted with the "M" suffix)


NFV Optimized

It is designed with workloads associated with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in mind. Performance may be improved using Intel® SST-BF by allocating base frequency to cores with high priority or that are bottlenecks. Other workloads may be subject to throttling, and more information about this will be supplied in the forthcoming literature.


Search Optimized

Base frequency has been optimized to handle the demands associated with search.' Other workloads may be subject to throttling, and more information about this will be supplied in the forthcoming literature.


1 Socket Optimized

concentrating on setups with a single socket (1P), and providing performance at pricing points that are competitive. It does not support a configuration consisting of two sockets (2P).


VM Optimized

  increased VM density, which makes it possible to handle more and bigger virtual machines on each host.


Speed Select

When fewer cores are activated, Intel® SST-PP raises the base frequency of the processor. This allows for more flexibility, alternatives for deployment, and a longer lifespan of the platform.

Server Management

iLO Advanced from HPE

All HPE ProLiant servers are eligible for full, unrestricted access to the intelligent remote capability provided by HPE iLO Advanced licensing. The license provides the user with connectivity to a completely integrated remote console, a keyboard shortcut, video, and mouse (KVM), multi-user collaboration, console record keeping and replaying capabilities, as well as GUI-based and scripted channel and virtual folders. In addition, the user is able to record and replay console sessions. You also have the choice of enabling the function for greater power management and security, if you want to do so. 

The Advanced Version of HPE OneView

When it comes to the provisioning, upgrading, and merging of compute, storage, and networking infrastructure, HPE OneView uses a template-driven approach. The task of managing a group's network is given an additional degree of automation as a result of this development. It provides licenses that include all of the obtainable capabilities and are available for purchase. These licenses may be used for the administration of Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 servers.

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HPE InfoSight for Servers is available

HPE InfoSight for Servers combines the health and longevity monitoring capabilities of Active Healthcare System (AHS) and iLO with the cloud-based machine learning capabilities of InfoSight, which is provided by InfoSight. This makes it possible to optimize efficiency while also predicting and preventing troubles. It also makes it possible to avoid problems. An intelligent ecosystem that enhances the user experience and modernizes and streamlines IT processes is the final product of this process. This may be achieved by predicting and resolving infrastructure issues, which are the root cause of application disruptions, wasted time for IT professionals, and missed new businesses. 

Utility for the management of HPE Insight clusters (CMU)

The HPE Insight Cluster Administration Utility is a management framework for HyperScale that includes software for centralized provisioning, administration, and monitoring of nodes and infrastructure. It is a part of the HPE Insight suite of products. This utility is included in the HPE Insight product family as one of its components.

Information Regarding Accelerators and GPGPU

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a broad variety of accelerators on a selection of HPE Proliant servers in order to support a wide variety of workloads. These servers come in a number of configurations. The accelerators make it simple to integrate GPU computing with HPE ProLiant servers, which is useful for high-performance computing, huge data center graphics, deep learning, and virtualization deployments. These accelerators offer maximum consistency and tight interaction with system management and monitoring tools such as the HPE Insight Container Orchestration Functionality in addition to providing all of the traditional benefits that are associated with GPU computing. These benefits include faster processing times and lower power consumption.

One Easy Configuration (SCE)

SCE is a guided self-service tool that may enable salespeople and other non-technical personnel to offer clients with basic setups in as little as three to five minutes. The configuration may then be sent on for assistance with configuration, or it can be used in your already established ordering procedures. Please contact the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Customer Business Center or an authorized partner for help if you need a "custom" rack setup or configuration for items that are not accessible in SCE.

Infrastructure for Racks and Power Supplies

The chapter may come to a close with servers, but it opens with the foundation that enables computation to take place and fosters the expansion of businesses. In order to improve the safety, usability, and effectiveness of information technology infrastructure, we have completely rethought our product lineup of racks and power supplies. To put it another way, in order to assist you in getting the most out of the technology that you have invested in, we have developed an infrastructure that is not only more robust but also more intelligent and straightforward. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a leader in the industry, is in a position that is unmatched by its competitors to solve the primary challenges of power, cooling, cable management, and system access.

The HPE G2 Advanced and Enterprise Shelves are ideal for the server room or the modern data center of today because they have improved air circulation and thermal control, flexible network cables, and a 10 year warranty to handle greater density computing. Additionally, these racks are designed to handle greater amounts of data.

HPE G2 Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide reliable power in a variety of form factors. They are able to work in climates with temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius, have color scheme outlets and charge segments, and have a low-profile design that enables for optimal connectivity to the rack as well as support for dense rack climates. These PDUs also have a number of other desirable characteristics.

HPE Uninterruptible Power Systems provide power protection that is both efficient and affordable for any kind of application. A number of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) come with features like remote administration and extended runtime modules to ensure that your important dense data center is protected in the event of a power loss.

The HPE KVM Solutions package includes a console as well as switches that have been developed to function dependably with your server and other IT equipment. In order to maintain the functionality of your data center rack, we provide a KVM switch that is both affordable and efficient for your first rack, in addition to IP switches that support multiple connections and come equipped with remote administration and security features. 

Information Regarding the Configuration 

In the following section, we will go through some of the processes that must be completed in order to set up a Factory Integrated Model. The use of an HPE-approved configurator is highly recommended by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in order to guarantee that customers only buy acceptable configurations. Get in touch with your local sales representative for more information on the available customisable products and the specifications needed for them.

  • Factory Integrated Options (FIO) indicate that this feature is only available as a factory installable option.
  • Factory Integrated Models are required to begin with a CTO Server.
  • The appropriate number of hard drive blanks will be added to each Manufacturer Integrated Model, and this number will be depending on the number of original hard drives that were bought along with the server.
  • The factory may choose not to integrate some features. For more information, please get in touch with your regional sales contact. 

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Colocation FAQs

About Server Colocation UK

Our servers are located in our own data center which is located in Derby, United Kingdom.
The data center is fully owned and managed by Data center plus, giving us the flexibility to work with our customers requirements and provide unrivaled levels of support.

Our data center is located next to Mansfield Road, Derby, UK. We are very accessible.
Our address is: Suite 18, Parker House, Mansfield Road, Derby, DE21 4SZ

Tour of our data center facilities is reserved for customers who are looking for colocation services with Data center plus.
If you would like to visit the data center, we must receive at least 24 hours notice.
You will also require to bring a form of ID in the form of a passport or driving license. We cannot allow anyone into the data center failing these requirements.

If you would like to place an order please contact us directly.
You can contact our sales team directly on 0808 169 7866 or emailing info@servercolocation.uk.
If you are an existing customer, log in to the site and simply check out after selecting your new service and proceed to payment options. The details of your new service will be added to your account portal.
If you are placing an order that is an upgrade to your existing one, get in touch with your account manager or raise a support ticket at info@servercolocation.uk.


If you are experiencing issues with your server, we recommend that the first you do is to raise a support ticket with our support team.
This can be done by sending an email to info@servercolocation.uk.
Alternatively, if the matter is time sensitive, feel free to give us a call on 0808 169 7866 and select the option for Support.
We have a 30 minute SLA response time to any ticket raised.

Remote hands cover requests made within office hours.
Our Remote Hands service covers assistance with the following items:
– Server reboots
– CDROM connect/disconnect
– Cable checks and moving network cables.
– Checking/relaying diagnostics information back to the customer.
If you require services outside of the above (for example, installation of software), we can provide this as part of our Additional Services, which is chargeable. Please contact your account manager or our helpdesk for further information.

Support for hardware failure is 24/7/365 on our Managed Servers.
Most failed hardware components can be replaced within 1 hour (during office hours and subject to parts being in stock.
Office Hours: 08:30 – 18:00

Emergency support work