HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10: Specs and Rack Compatibility

HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10 Server

One of the first computers to use processors from the second generation of AMD EPYC processors was the HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10 server. When compared with CPUs made by Intel's competitors, they had more cores for the same price.

The high number of cores and memory capacity allow a powerful and energy-efficient experience to be delivered in a compact form factor. The company says that this HP server is good for applications that focus on memory, high-performance computing, and virtualization.

What's brand new?

  • New 64GB RDIMMS based on 16GB memory devices, enabling improved performance while consuming less power.
  • SATA's new read-intensive solid-state discs.
  • NVMe-based read-intensive and mixed-use SSD devices
  • AMD® EPYC® 7000 Family Processors
  • Support for up to ten NVMe drives
  • All internal drives are compatible with PCIe Smart Array drivers.
  • Compatibility with AMD EPYC® 7371 processors
  • Support for GPUs like NVIDIA's T4 and Tesla, which will improve the overall performance of computing

The Controllers of the Storage

As can be seen in the accompanying figure, the naming structure for the Gen10 controllers has been altered to simplify their identification. This change can be seen here. Check out the HPE Smart Assortment Gen10 Controllers Data Sheet for an in-depth analysis of the many different Gen10 Smart Array drivers that are currently on the market. One of the following alternatives may be available, based on the model:

Common Characteristics

HPE 500W Non-Warm Plug Mild Halogen Power Supply[HPE 500W Power Supply]The power supply for the FIO

NOTE: This product is available with a 92% efficiency rate.

Low Halogen HPE 500W Flex Slot Silver Hot Plug

NOTE: This product is available with a 94% efficiency rate.

HPE Power Supply Kit for HPE 800W Flex Slot Silver Hot Plug with Low Halogen Output

Both 94% and 96% efficiencies are offered here.

Please take note that this product is also offered with power inputs of -48VDC and 227VAC/380VDC.

Low Halogen Output HPE 1600W Flex Slot Silver Hot Plug

NOTE: This product is available with a 94% efficiency rate. Please take note that the power input is only 240v.

The HPE 500W FIO Power Source has a power capacity of up to 92%, is Gold-certified by 80 Plus, and has a feature set that has been optimized for non-redundant power configurations. It is designed to work with the Gen10 ProLiant ML 10/100 Storyline Server farms, as well as the ML350 Gen10 and the DL325 Gen10 servers.

The HPE Flex Slot (Flex Slot) Power Grids all have the same mechanical and electrical design, which enables them to be placed into HPE ProLiant Gen10 Efficiency Servers by plugging them in without the requirement for any additional tools of any kind. These power systems are referred to collectively as the Flex Slot Power Systems. Users have the option to "right-size" a power supply for server configurations by using Flex Slot power supplies, which are approved for high-efficiency operations and allow a wide variety of choices for power output. This makes it possible for users to "right-size" a power supply. Additionally, Flex Slot power supplies are meant to be reversed with the designs of previously released servers. Because of this versatility, power waste can be reduced, overall energy costs can be lowered, and "stuck" power capacity may be avoided in the data center. All of these benefits come as a direct result of this flexibility.

Every pre-configured server includes a standard IEC C-13/C-14 jumper wire of 6 feet in length (A0K02A). Each and every basic AC power supply option kit comes with this jumper cable already attached to it. Please check out the ProLiant Power Cables webpage in the event that a different kind of power cable is needed. Please make use of the HPE Power Advisor Tool in order to investigate the power requirements of the machine you have chosen. 

With the assistance of HPE and ClearCenter, you will be able to reduce the cost of constructing on-premise systems without compromising the level of security or the convenience of use. ClearOS, which comes preinstalled on HPE ProLiant servers, is a user-friendly, risk-free, and cost-effective operating system. It features an easy-to-navigate web-based user interface, which delivers a cloud-like experience on-premise, as well as an Application Marketplace with over one hundred apps, with more being added regularly. You choose the apps you need and pay for them on an as-you-go basis, whether you are just starting out or expanding your operations.

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UEFI and Legacy ROM for HPE Servers

While communicating with your system at boot time, the Unified Extensible Firmware (UEFI) is an industry standard that offers improved management and a more secure setup than the traditional ROM. Both UEFI Mode and Legacy BIOS Mode can be used with HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, which use UEFI at the Class 2 level. UEFI Mode is the default mode.  

Functionality of the Health System

Continuous and proactive health monitoring of HPE servers is made possible with the help of the HPE Active Health System (AHS), which is a key component of the iLO management portfolio.

Viewer for the Active Health System

Utilize the web-based Active Health System Viewer to quickly go through AHS logs and expedite issue resolution with HPE self-repair advice.

Smart Update

Maintain the most recent software on your servers with the help of the HPE Smart Update solution. To do this, use the Smart Update Manager (SUM) to streamline the process of updating the firmware and drivers included in the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP).

Amplifier pack for the iLO

It is possible to identify, inventory, and upgrade Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 HPE servers at an unequaled speed and scale with the help of the iLO Booster Pack, which is an open virtual object (OVO) that can be downloaded for free. It was developed for use in situations with thousands of HPE servers, such as those seen in big businesses and service provider setups. By using it in combination with an iLO Premium License, you will be able to unlock all of its capabilities.

The HPE iLO Application for Mobile Devices

Makes it possible to access, install, and control your server at any time and from any location using certain mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

Instrument for RESTful Interface 

The RESTful Interface tool, also known as iLOREST, is a single programming tool that can utilize the iLO RESTful API in order to identify and install servers at scale.

Tools for Scripting

You may provide anywhere from one-to-many machines by building your own scripts to discover and deploy them using Scripting Tool (STK) for Windows and Mac or Scripting Tools for Command Prompt. These tools are available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. These utilities may be used on computers running either Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Standard Version of HPE OneView

There are no extra costs associated with using HPE OneView Standard for inventory management, health monitoring, alerting, or reporting purposes. It is capable of monitoring many versions of HPE servers. The user interface is comparable to that of the advanced edition of HPE OneView; however, the software-defined capability is not offered by HPE Systems Insight Manager (HPE SIM)

It gives you the ability to monitor the health of your HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE Integrity Servers, which makes it ideal for situations that currently use HPE SIM. You will also get fundamental support for servers that are not HPE-branded. Additionally, HPE SIM works with Smart Update Manager to provide firmware upgrades in a streamlined and expedient manner.


This product is backed by a limited warranty that is valid across the globe and is supported by HPE Services as well as a global network of resellers who are HPE Authorized Channel Partners. After the date of purchase, customers have access to diagnostic assistance and repair services for a period of three years. After the first purchase, you get access to support for the product and the initial setup for a period of ninety days. Whether you take use of HPE Pointnext's operational services or one of their tailored service agreements, you may get improvements to the warranty services you get. Hard drives typically come with either a one-year or three-year guarantee; for further information, see the QuickSpecs of the particular hard disc in question.

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