HPE Proliant DL180 Gen10: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The HPE Proliant DL180 Gen10 server is fundamentally the same as the DL160 Gen10, but it takes up just two rack units of space. When you make your device bigger, you get more benefits, like more storage space, a better cooling system, an extra central processing unit, and the ability to add more upgrades later.

Due to the hardware restrictions, the server might be considered "entry level," despite the fact that it has a great deal of potential. Businesses that need the ability to manage and route data will most likely adopt this practice.

HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10 Server

HPE's secure 2P/2U HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen10 blends world-class attractiveness with the ideal mix of expandability and scalability in a single solution. It is adaptable to a wide range of responsibilities and environments. Because it is built for the utmost versatility and resiliency, has the optimal balance of consistency, manageability, and performance, and is backed by a comprehensive warranty, it is ideal for a variety of surroundings, including bins, the Cloud, and Big Data. This is because it was designed to be as adaptable and resilient as possible. Additionally, it comes with a complete guarantee that backs it up. Make utilization of the most trustworthy computing platform available within the sector as your benchmark. applications used by both small and large businesses.

Standard features

  1. The Power Source

The HPE Flexible Slot (Flex Slot) Power Supplies all have the same electrical and physical design, which enables them to be installed into HPE ProLiant Gen10 Performance Servers by simply plugging them in without the need for any additional tools. By using Flex Slot power supplies, which have been validated for increased operation and provide a number of different choices for the amount of power that may be produced, users have the option to "right-size" a power supply to correspond with the configuration of a certain server. Flex Slot power supplies are also designed to be backwards-compatible with existing server designs. Because of this flexibility, power waste can be cut down, total energy costs can be brought down, and "stuck" power capacity can be avoided in the data centre. Every pre-configured server comes with a standard IEC C-13/C-14 jumper wire of 6 feet in length (A0K02A). Each and every basic AC power supply option kit comes with this jumper cable already attached to it. Please make use of the HPE Power Advisor Tool in order to investigate the power requirements of the machine you have chosen.

  1. An Operating Health Care System

Continuous and proactive health monitoring of HPE servers is provided by the HPE Active Health System (AHS), which is a key component of the iLO management portfolio.

  1. Health Care System That Is Active

Viewer Utilize the web-based Active Health System Viewer to quickly go through AHS logs and expedite issue resolution with HPE self-repair advice.

  1. Smart Update

Maintain the most recent software on your servers with the help of the HPE Smart Update solution. To do this, use the Smart Update Manager (SUM) to streamline the process of updating the firmware and drivers included in the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP).

  1. Service Pack for the ProLiant Operating System

The Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) is an all-inclusive compilation of server firmware, drivers, and system software that has been tested as a single solution stack. This ISO image is distributed as a single file.

  1. Amplifier Pack for iLO, Number Six

It is possible to identify, inventory, and upgrade Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 HPE servers at an unequaled speed and scale with the help of the iLO Amplifier Pack, which is an open virtualisation app (OVA) that can be free of charge. It was developed for use in situations with hundreds of HPE servers, such as those seen in big businesses and service provider setups. By using it in combination with only an iLO Basic License, you will be able to unlock all of its capabilities.

  1. The mobile application for HPE iLO

Makes it possible to access, install, and control your server at any time and from any location using certain mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

  1. A Tool for Creating RESTful Interfaces

The RESTful Interface tool, also known as iLOREST, is a single programming tool that can utilize the iLO RESTful API in order to identify and install servers at scale.

  1. Instruments for Scripting

You may provide anywhere from one to many servers by building your own scripts to discover and distribute them using Powershell Tool (STK) for and Linux or Scripting Tools for Command Prompt. These tools are available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. These utilities may be used on computers running either Linux or Windows Vista.

  1. Insight Manager for HPE Systems (HPE SIM)

It gives you the ability to monitor the health of your HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE Integrity Servers, which makes it ideal for situations that currently use HPE SIM. You will also get fundamental support for servers that are not HPE-branded. Additionally, HPE SIM works with Smart Update Manager to provide firmware upgrades in a streamlined and expedient manner.

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Optional Features

  1. First and foremost, the HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU)

The HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility is a management framework for HyperScale that includes software for centralized provisioning, administration, and control of nodes and architecture. It is a part of the HPE Insight suite of products. The HPE Insight product family includes this utility as one of its components.

  1. Racking and Electrical Supply Infrastructure

The chapter may come to a close with servers, but it opens with the foundation that enables computation to take place and fosters the expansion of businesses. We have completely rethought our product line of racks and power supplies in order to make information technology infrastructure safer, more usable, and more effective. To put it another way, in order to assist you in getting the most out of the technology that you have invested in, we have developed an infrastructure that is not only more robust but also more intelligent and straightforward. As the leader in its field, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is in a better position than its competitors to solve the most important problems of power, cooling, cable management, and system access.

With enhanced air circulation and temperature control, flexible cable tray, and a 10-year return policy to handle higher density computing, HPE G2 Advanced and Venture Racks are ideal for the data center or modern data center of today. These racks are available in two different configurations: Advanced and Enterprise.

HPE G2 Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide reliable power in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can work in temperatures as high as 60 degrees, have outlets and load segments that are color-coded, and have a low profile that makes it easy to get to the rack and works well in environments with a lot of equipment.

HPE Uninterruptible Power Systems provide power protection that is both efficient and affordable for any kind of application. A number of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) come with features like remote administration and extended runtime modules to ensure that your important dense data center is protected in the event of a power loss.

The HPE KVM Solutions package includes a console as well as switches that have been developed to function dependably with your server and other IT equipment. In order to maintain the functionality of your data center rack, we provide a KVM switch that is both affordable and efficient for your first rack, as well as numerous connection IP switches that are equipped with remote administration and security features.

Helping Hands and Assistance

Through the use of HPE Pointnext's services and support, you will be able to get the knowledge and skills you need at each stage of the information technology journey. By using tried and tested best practices, automation, and processes, we are able to assist you in lowering both your risks and expenses. Professionals from Hewlett Packard Enterprise have put these through their paces and made them better through hundreds of implementations and deployments around the world.

HPE Pointnext is an industry leader when it comes to faultless and on-time implementation, on-budget execution, and inventive configurations that squeeze every last drop of performance out of software and hardware alike. We work with your IT team through every step of the process, from the technical design to the implementation, the build to the migration, distribution, and finally the operational consulting and support.

  • Integration and performance services provide resources that may help you get your systems up and running fast and supplement your IT employees for projects. These services can be found under "integration and performance services."
  • HPE Foundation Care offers rapid issue resolution in addition to extensive coverage and access to industry professionals.
  • HPE Proactive Care offers your systems proactive issue avoidance as well as an upgraded support experience. 

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Colocation FAQs

About Server Colocation UK

Our servers are located in our own data center which is located in Derby, United Kingdom.
The data center is fully owned and managed by Data center plus, giving us the flexibility to work with our customers requirements and provide unrivaled levels of support.

Our data center is located next to Mansfield Road, Derby, UK. We are very accessible.
Our address is: Suite 18, Parker House, Mansfield Road, Derby, DE21 4SZ

Tour of our data center facilities is reserved for customers who are looking for colocation services with Data center plus.
If you would like to visit the data center, we must receive at least 24 hours notice.
You will also require to bring a form of ID in the form of a passport or driving license. We cannot allow anyone into the data center failing these requirements.

If you would like to place an order please contact us directly.
You can contact our sales team directly on 0808 169 7866 or emailing info@servercolocation.uk.
If you are an existing customer, log in to the site and simply check out after selecting your new service and proceed to payment options. The details of your new service will be added to your account portal.
If you are placing an order that is an upgrade to your existing one, get in touch with your account manager or raise a support ticket at info@servercolocation.uk.


If you are experiencing issues with your server, we recommend that the first you do is to raise a support ticket with our support team.
This can be done by sending an email to info@servercolocation.uk.
Alternatively, if the matter is time sensitive, feel free to give us a call on 0808 169 7866 and select the option for Support.
We have a 30 minute SLA response time to any ticket raised.

Remote hands cover requests made within office hours.
Our Remote Hands service covers assistance with the following items:
– Server reboots
– CDROM connect/disconnect
– Cable checks and moving network cables.
– Checking/relaying diagnostics information back to the customer.
If you require services outside of the above (for example, installation of software), we can provide this as part of our Additional Services, which is chargeable. Please contact your account manager or our helpdesk for further information.

Support for hardware failure is 24/7/365 on our Managed Servers.
Most failed hardware components can be replaced within 1 hour (during office hours and subject to parts being in stock.
Office Hours: 08:30 – 18:00

Emergency support work