Everything you need to know about Ffxiv server status

Ffxiv server status – what does it mean to you?

Servers or often called Worlds are usually the individual instances of ffxiv server status, also called final fantasy x 14 server status. These servers are located in 3 places in the world, Europe, North America, and Japan. Each region is then divided into multiple data centers. So, during character creation, players have a right to choose the server world of their own choice to begin their game. Though the servers often get down due to various reasons, which could be unknown for new users. To help get through this, Server colocation presents a detailed guide and previous scenario so you can focus on issues easily.

ffxiv server status

ffxiv server status- new data center

On 2nd April 2019, Final Fantasy XIV has been divided their European data center into two other luxurious and well-equipped data centers. Here you can check a detailed overview of some incredible information and find answers to your most frequent questions.

What happens in FFXIV server status? 

FFXIV server status eventually means what is the current status of that gaming server, is the server up or currently down due to a DDoS attack situation. The server often gets down because due to limited data centers in the world. Unfortunately, there is only one data center of FFXIV in Europe, which could even change the status shortly.

To prevent data center overcrowding and to reduce the maximum lags and load times, the current European servers have split into two data centers, named- Light and Chaos.

Server status, and what does the server separation mean?

After dividing the servers into different data centers, the players belonging to these data centers were not able to play together in a group search. 

For instance, there is a character from Moogle server which was not able to play along with some other character from the server Odin or in-game.

You must be wondering if you can transfer to another server. Yes, this is possible, you can easily transfer between servers and data centers for free of costs. However, you may experience problems while transferring to loaded servers. Though there would be no closed server, which can be changed at short notice.

How to use the FFXIV world visit system?

For beginners, the FFXIV World Visit System enables people to choose and visit other worlds but with some restrictions or limitations. Especially, if you have some friends belonging to a different world, then you could also break down those hard walls and start playing with them easily. You can experience the new adventure through the innovative expansion and try everything else with anyone you need to.

Here’s how you can simply use the FFXIV or Final Fantasy XIV World Visit System. To begin efficiently, it is important to either visit Uldah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa main aetheryte. You can easily choose the crystal and you may find a great option to visit. Though, you can only visit worlds that are present on your existing data center. The worlds which appear are probably your only options indeed.

For example, it would look like a Balmung player is not able to visit Midgardsormr world or vice versa. Also, you may find multiple restrictions as to what you can’t do and what you can do in those worlds. It’s not possible to do such things like summon the retainer or sell different items on your market board. But it would be possible for you to buy some items present on their market board.

It also means that a user is not allowed to have specific quests regarding their retainer. So unlocking or trying to customize the one may have to take place on the server first. It’s also not possible to buy housing, join and create some new company. When you will log out while visiting, you would simply return there again upon signing in back. There would be no restriction or limit to visiting another world.

Final fantasy x IV server status got down due to DDoS attacks:

In June 2019, people tried to login into Final Fantasy XIV servers, and they probably ran into several issues. Unfortunately, it was looking like there is some fun police trying to ruin everyone’s fun time and destroying things badly, and then an official FFXIV server status twitter account tweeted our the careful notification or warning that all the servers are under severe DDoS attack which is mainly targeting the data center in North America.

Meanwhile, it was not clear who is exactly responsible for those DDoS attacks, or even when they are making such attacks, the technical team was quite hard at sorting the actual reason and took several countermeasures. And after some time, they were ready to implement changes and asked everyone to check out their server status page, where they can get all the latest details about DDoS attacks and can find everything in one place.

According to the one official report:

  • Our team is currently experiencing several technical difficulties occurred due to the strong DDoS attack. Players could eventually experience certain issues as a result.
  • Our professionals are finding the way attacks have been made and implementing different efficient countermeasures. We will provide more information as the situation develops.

(Date and Time)= From Jun. 28, 2019 12:24 p.m. (PDT)

Other details:

Players are expected to experience the following issues:
getting disconnected from NA data center Worlds
Experiencing difficulty in login to NA data center Worlds
feeling difficult to access, send and then receive data from NA data centers

Affected Service: FINAL FANTASY XIV

The team also explained that they are keeping a close eye out on other important additional details regarding these attacks and then will update the status after getting more information shortly. The attack occurred just a couple of days before the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This is undoubtedly the best latest expansion for MMORPG. This expansion seems to be a hefty one on its own, which takes players to the new area as it would allowing them to become the Warrior of Darkness.

To check and monitor FFXIV server status is not possible without relying on professionals or technical support engineers working in the data centers. They are the only individuals that can help you check why the servers are experiencing issues. If you are working onto those servers and want to get deeper insights, it’s time to consult with Server Colocation experts so you can understand the backend reasons more conveniently.

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