Dell PowerEdge R730xd: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The Dell PowerEdge R730xd is a rack server with a 2U form factor that was intended to give high-performance computing together with a wide variety of locally optimized storage solutions for a variety of workloads. This server's memory, input and output (I/O) capabilities, and operating efficiency are all strong points. This rack server is a great choice for applications that deal with statistics because it has features that can handle heavy workloads.


The Dell PowerEdge R730 is a multipurpose platform that has strong I/O abilities to match its highly expandable storage (which can be increased to a maximum of 768 GB). The R730 is capable of easily managing highly demanding workloads, including high-performance computing, data warehousing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), e-commerce  and databases (HPC). Moreover, the R730xd has an exceptionally large storage capacity. This makes it a great choice for applications that need high I/O performance from their storage, like medical imaging and email servers. 

At an incredible price, the Dell PowerEdge R730XD is a rack-mount server with a 2U form factor that offers outstanding performance from its processors as well as a large capacity for storing data. This server is a great choice for running e-commerce, virtualization, and hypervisor software, as well as large-scale database and data warehouse applications.

The Dell Set Point R730XD has up to two Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3 & V4 (LGA2011) processors, clock rates ranging from 2.3GHz to 3.5GHz, up to 35MB of cache per CPU, and up to 768GB of DDR4 memory owing to its 24 DIMM slots. Additionally, the Dell PowerEdge R730XD supports up to 35 MB of cache per CPU.

The R730xd additionally delivers an ideal combination of storage utilization, power, and cost with an alternative in-server hybrid description that can allow tiering and capacity for as many as 28 drives in a 2S/2U system. This configuration is available as a part of the product.

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Deliver peak performance

Users can achieve top compute performance across a wide range of applications by combining the Intel Xeon CPU E5-2600 v3 product line with cutting-edge DDR4 memory. Increase the speed at which programmes can access data by using up to 16 12Gb/s SAS discs and a high-performance twin RAID. Use powerful accelerators and graphics processing units (GPUs) to improve performance in high-performance computing, virtual desktop infrastructure, and imaging. 

Find ways to have more adaptability 

The R730 is very versatile thanks to its 24 DIMMs of high-capacity and DDR4 low capacity memory, its 7 PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 ports, and its highly expandable local storage. You can create a virtualized environment that's as thick and resource-rich as you want with as many as 16 2.5" discs. Combine this with the GPU capacity of the R730 to reduce expenses associated with the infrastructure and consolidate administration activities under a virtual desktop application that is both scalable and centralized. The fact that the R730 has a GPU makes it a great choice for a medical imaging system in the middle price range.

Optimize the effectiveness of the operations

You'll be able to build and administer highly effective infrastructures for data centers and small enterprises with the help of PowerEdge processors. Reduce the number of steps that must be performed manually and speed up the time it takes to get anything into production by using automated deployment methods. Tools for novel server administration, such as iDRAC Direct and iDRAC Quick Sync, may help improve IT efficiency by delivering in-depth information on the condition of the system's healthiness and accelerating deployment. Optimize the amount of energy that is used in the data center by boosting the performance per watt and gaining more precise control over the power and cooling.

Intelligent automation combined with forward-thinking management

Dell servers are the most productive, dependable, and cost-effective servers that are currently available because of the revolutionary technologies that are included in the Dell OpenManage network monitoring portfolio. These technologies simplify and automate important server lifecycle management chores, which in turn makes IT more efficient. The unrivaled agent-free skills of the PowerEdge embedded Incorporated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Console innovation are used to simplify best to achieve, configuration, and update processes across the OpenManage product line and through participation with third-party management solutions. These processes can also be simplified

OpenManage Essentials is in charge of monitoring and managing the hardware in Dell data centers as well as gear from third-party manufacturers. Through their mobile devices, users of OpenManage Mobile have access to their data at any time and from any place, regardless of where they are. Server Software Config capabilities are now available as part of OpenManage Essentials. These capabilities digitize one-to-many devops of PowerEdge bare-metal data centers and operating systems, fully comply with a previously defined baseline through automated drift detection, and empower rapid and secure configuration replication.

Remote management 

Before you can use iDRAC to run an out-of-band system, you must first prepare it for remote accessibility, then set up the administration station and managed system, and then configure the Web browsers that will be supporting iDRAC. 

You may also remotely monitor and operate the server by using the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) program and the OpenManage Essentials (OME) server farm interface.


Increase the pace at which you work

The outstanding PowerEdge R730xd, which is a member of the new 13th generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, enables you to make the most of the flexibility and speed of server-based storage. With an entirely voluntary in-server hybrid supported by the system that supports capacity for up to 29 drives in a 3S/2U system, up to 18 x 1.8 TB drives. Also, the R730xd provides a great performance  storage utilization, performance, and cost. This is accomplished through the utilization of up to 18 x 1.8 TB drives "SATA SSDs.

Storage in flash memory is almost anywhere or everywhere

Because of new flash-capable setups, data can be accessed quickly, which helps programmes run more quickly. There are configurations available with 1.8" SATA solid-state drives (SSDs), 12Gb SAS solid-state drives (SSDs).

  • Utilize solid-state drives in a flexible manner in order to get the most out of your applications. Due to variable zoning and twin PERC cards, it is now possible to optimize performance by flexibly leveraging SSDs in configurations such as 4 SSDs plus 20 HDDs, 8 SSDs plus 16 HDDs, or 12 SSDs plus 12 HDDs.
  • Increase database efficiency by caching "hot" data on flash drives while storing up to 48 terabytes of data on your server using NL-SAS or SATA hard disc drives.
  • By combining NVMe SSDs with Dell caching solutions, you can increase the concurrent usage of OLTP applications while also improving system response time.
  • When you combine standard hard drives with solid-state flash drives, you can give Something and (XaaS) companies, consumers of Big Data (Hadoop), and pioneer hosting with scale-out storage that is both effective and enhanced. This will guarantee that the data is located exactly where it should be at the precise moment it is needed.

    A unified means of communication and coordinated effort 

    The performance that you want for your SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, and consolidated collaboration settings is provided by the PowerEdge R730xd, which features increased networking throughput and the most recent product family from the Intel Xeon cpu E5-2600 v4 product line.

    • Enable more mailboxes that are larger and more affordable, with a storage drive capacity that is 33 percent more than that of prior generations.
    • Help increase IO efficiency with Dell Select Network Adapters' configurable throughput, and boost speed with up to 15 percent more flash throughput than prior generations. Both of these features are available by Dell Select Network Adapters.
    • Help boost IO performance with the customizable throughput provided by Dell Select Devices Connected, and improve speed with up to 15 percent more memory bandwidth than prior generations.
    • Increase the overall speed of Office by utilizing 12Gb PERC9 RAID processors, which deliver twice as much cache and bandwidth as their ancestors did. This will allow you to improve the overall performance of Exchange.
    • Increase the number of directly mapped virtual machines (VMs) to the increased number of physical processor cores to improve Lync performance and responsiveness in virtual environments.

    Storage virtualization

    The most current Intel Xeon CPU E5-2600 v4 product range provides the cycles and threads necessary to support today's diverse workloads in digital realities, supporting vm local storage. This is made possible by Intel's commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. This is made feasible by the capability of the CPU to accommodate as many as 22 threads in an one socket. The R730xd is equipped with the following functionalities, which further improve these deployments:

    • DDR4 RAM, which consumes up to 30% less power than DDR3 RAM from the previous generation while supporting more virtual machines per node, larger virtual machines, and higher levels of performance;
    • Multi-mode RAID controllers, which have twice the storage bandwidth of previous generations. 
    • Interoperability with software-defined storage (SDS) solutions like OpenStack Ceph and SANTM (vSAN). 

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