Dell PowerEdge R720xd: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The Dell PowerEdge R720xd is a rack server that takes up 2 units of space and is intended for data-intensive tasks. Memory, input/output (I/O), and flexible networking choices are all included in this server's impressive feature set. This rack server is perfect for any organization that needs to swiftly access and process huge volumes of data and is appropriate for businesses that are either medium-sized or large in size.

The Dell PowerEdge R720 is a server that can operate a diverse set of applications and virtual environments, and it is intended for use by both medium- and large-sized businesses. Memory, input/output capacity, as well as network connectivity choices, are all highly expandable on the 2U server. This rack server is built with performance scalability and choices for local storage that are tailored for the task. It is intended for users who want features that will manage challenging workloads.


The Dell PowerEdge R720xd rack server offers an impressive combination of features, including incredible I/O capabilities, great storage capacity, and RAM that is highly extensible. This server was developed for use with applications that have a voracious appetite for storage and I/O performance. Some examples of such applications are medical imaging and email servers. Outstanding performance and unwavering reliability are hallmarks of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 or E5-2600v2 product line, which is used in the R720xd. The R720xd also has reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) elements that make it stronger. Some examples of these features are fans, discs, and power supply components that can be plugged in and out of the system rapidly.

Up to two (2) Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 v2 series CPUs, up to 768GB of RAM, and the capability to manage 6Gbps SAS, SATA, and even solid-state drives are some of the many configuration possibilities available on the award-winning PowerEdge R720xd. In addition to that, it has six (6) PCI Express 3.0 riser slots, optional twin redundant power supply, and dual embedded Gigabit NIC ports with each of its own dual ports. The PowerEdge R720xd can handle even the most demanding datacenter workloads because of its ample storage space and powerful computing capabilities.

About this item

  • The Dell PowerEdge R720 Rack Server with Dual (2) Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors, 192GB RAM, 16TB hard drive, RAID controller, iDRAC7, and Windows Server 2019 provides an unbeatable combination of scalability and performance in any virtual environment.
  • The Dell PowerEdge R720 2U rack server is designed to perform exceptionally well in a wide range of application and virtualization scenarios for businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large.
  • Enjoy professional-level performance with two (2) Intel Xeon E5-2670 8-core 2.6GHz processors; benefit from increased speed, quality, and dependability with 192GB of registered memory.
  • Store more data with 16 terabytes of high capacity hard drive storage; keep your data secure with software RAID; integrated iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller allows agent-free administration and intelligent automation of routine tasks;
  • During the assembly process, each server is subjected to a thorough multipoint inspection to ensure that our clients always receive the highest possible quality product. This is made possible by the efforts of our qualified specialists, who strive to update all important components.

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    Exploit extensive local storage

    The PowerEdge R720xd allows you to quickly access and process vast amounts of data thanks to the server's up to 768GB of memory (24 DIMMs), 24 2.5-inch discs or 12 3.5-inch discs (plus two 2.5-inch discs in the back of the server), integrated PCI Express® (PCIe) 3.0-capable expansion slots, and choice of either 24 or 12 3.5-inch discs for storage. The R720xd is a wonderful option for any organization of any size, whether it be a small, medium, or large one, provided that you have a requirement for scalability in both memory density and storage capacity.

    Adjust the structure of your network

    You are able to adjust the throughput of your network to meet the requirements of your application thanks to the characteristics of the R720xd's network. This results in increased I/O performance. Our flexible NIC technology, known as Dell Select Network Adapters, gives you the ability to pick the appropriate network fabric without requiring you to sacrifice a precious PCI slot. On 10GbE connections, you can choose the speed, the technology, and the vendor. There are also other options, like switch independent partitioning, which lets you share and control bandwidth.

    The PowerEdge product catalog

    The PowerEdge series is made with the right balance of features and performance scalability so that it can handle demanding workloads in both large and small data centers.

    One of the tools for system management that are included in the Dell Open Manage TM package is called the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 7 (iDRAC7) with Lifecycle Controller. This built-in functionality makes it easier for IT managers to manage Dell pcs in local, virtual, local, and remote situations. It does not matter if the servers are running in-band or out-of-band, nor does it matter whether a network monitoring software agent is installed or not. Open Manage iDRAC with Cycles Controller is equipped with the capacity to interface with and connect to the most effective third-party systems integration solutions available in the market today. As a direct result of this, customers are able to keep a single point of control over their systems, which helps them to get the most value possible out of the money they have already spent on systems management. Open Manage makes it easier to deploy updates, monitor and manage Windows Server servers throughout their entire lives, from the moment they are initially acquired to the moment they are no longer in use. This includes the process of retiring the servers.

    Performance That Is Both Powerful and Well-Balanced

    The outstanding capabilities of the next-generation Power Edge TM R720xd rack server will enable you to satisfy your applications' demands for local storage and I/O (input and output) performance. 

    Computing that is jam-packed with performance

    The most recent Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 or E5-2600v2 product family, combined with up to 24 dual in-line memory modules, may provide a significant increase in application workload performance (DIMMs).Designed with a manufacturing technology of 22 nanometers and with up to 12 cores per processor, it provides very rapid processing for work that requires a lot of computation.

    Huge amounts of space for storage

    Utilize a significant quantity of local storage to provide speedy access to and processing of massive volumes of data in the data centers of big and medium enterprises.

    Superior input and output capabilities

    Boost the speed of your data center with the PowerEdge R720xd's balanced and scalable I/O capabilities, which include expansion slots that are capable of using PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0.

    Excellent Server Utility

    You can use the Power Edge TM R720xd rack server's strength and adaptability for your large mail server, web hosting, database, or any other enterprise-level applications you may have.

    Management of powerful computer systems

    Lifecycle management will be easy for you thanks to the smart hardware-driven system administration, strong power management, and other cutting-edge management features.

    Superb effectiveness in all aspects of operation

    With the R720xd architecture's next-generation reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features, you can keep your data center's productivity high while also making sure it is secure and doing routine maintenance.

    Networking that is both flexible and scalable

    Adjust your network's throughput so that it meets the needs of your application. You can do this by using features that let you make the most of the increased input and output (I/O) performance you have.

    Manage data overload

    The R720 and R720xd have the versatile I/O and storage capabilities that will allow you to keep up with the explosion of data that has occurred in this era of virtualization. The R720 is capable of supporting up to sixteen internal hard drives, which will allow you to store more data. Also, optional Express Flash PCIe solid-state drives that can be plugged in and accessed from the front (up to four) can be used to improve performance and storage tiering inside the box.

    Virtualize more

    You can get the most out of the application capacity of your data center by extending your virtual environment with the help of the R720 and R720xd, which both have a large memory footprint. Select a hypervisor that is considered to be the best in its field and make use of our system management capacity to take control of both your real and virtual assets. The use of redundant failsafe hypervisors is another way to assist in increasing the uptime of your virtual machines.

    The PowerEdge R720xd gives you the ability to swiftly access and analyze enormous quantities of data with up to twenty-six internal hard drives that support the hot plugging feature. When it comes to storage capacity scalability, the R720xd is an excellent choice for any company of any size, whether it be small, medium, or big.

    Simplified administration of computer systems with no sacrifices made

    The Integrated Dell Remote Support Card 7 (iDRAC7) with Lifecycle Controller is one of the various system management tools that are made available by Dell Open Manage. It is now much simpler for IT administrators to manage Dell servers in physical, virtual, local, and remote scenarios thanks to this built-in capability. This capability is able to control all of the servers, regardless of whether they are running in-band or out-of-band, or whether a system integration software agent has been installed or not.

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