Dell PowerEdge R410: Specs and Rack Compatibility

The Dell PowerEdge R410 is a rack server that takes up one unit and is meant to be both user-friendly and efficient in its use of power. This server offers powerful virtualization features, technology that is geared to saving energy, and streamlined administration of system components. This rack server is great for high-performance computing (HPC) and data centers with limited space because it uses less power and improves performance at the same time.


Dell's entry-level two-socket, one-unit rack server, the PowerEdge R410, offers the most recent chipset and processors available from Intel. The memory management is now integrated into the CPU thanks to the new design from Intel, and each CPU in the PowerEdge R410 supports a maximum of four DIMMs. If there are two CPUs installed, the maximum number of DIMMs that it can accommodate is 8. To provide its customers with the greatest possible amount of storage space within this product category, Dell has included four hard drive bays measuring 3.5 inches. A hot-swap hard drive, robust power supply, 2.5" SAS or SSD, and quad pack LED or live LCD for test imaging are among the state-of-the-art features offered by the R410. In addition, Dell's most recent remote server administration controller, the iDRAC6, is supported by the PowerEdge R410, making it more simple to administer the server. In addition, Dell's most recent remote server administration controller, the iDRAC6, is supported by the PowerEdge R410, making it more simple to administer the server.

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Description of the Chassis 

It is an innovative design for a chassis that will be utilized for the production of two new chassis. These supercharger kits will provide rising capabilities such as hot-plug disk disks and LCD modules, patch cords, hard drives with Set the following, and LED modules. The list of amenities includes the following: four 3.5" cabled or hot-swap SATA or SAS storage devices; a power source that can either be non redundant or superfluous; dual Gigabit LOMs without TOE kinetic energy; four Emmc slots that support so every CPU for an extra PCIe expansion card; an optional iDRAC6 Enterprise and iDRAC6 Express card mounted on planar without a PCI slot being occupied; and an extra iDRAC6 Entrepreneurialism.

Design for Usability

The customer experience on all HPE proliant servers of the eleventh iteration has been rethought to be more streamlined. For a more comfortable and familiar user experience as well as for simple installation, Dell places all of the external connections, power sources, LCD panels, and LED lights in the same position.

The PowerEdge R410 has decreased complexity and clutter-free connection routing, which results in improved airflow and makes maintenance much simpler. An LCD panel that is positioned near the front of the bezel provides aisle-level access to the server deployment process.

Uses Less Energy Than Others

You can calculate more while using less electricity thanks to the energy-tuned solutions that are included in the PowerEdge R410. These technologies lower the amount of power used while simultaneously enhancing performance capacity. The R410 has an energy-smart architecture, which means that it has low-flow fans and a logical part arrangement of the internal components, both of which help with the orientation of the airflow. These design characteristics, in conjunction with policy-driven power and thermal management, enable us to maintain the server at a comfortable temperature while simultaneously minimizing the amount of noise it produces. Airflow is maximized with a sturdy fan cage design that features hot-plug, single-pull fan modules, which also makes maintenance much simpler. The PowerEdge R410 is built with value and durability in mind for HPC applications, and it is also very energy efficient and small.

Easy to Manage

With the aid of the advanced embedded systems features that are optionally provided by Lifecycle Manager, Dell is able to provide broad enterprise-level management directly on the motherboard via the use of the Lifecycle Controller. Within the Supermicro R410, the Lifecycle Management is supplied as a portion of the iDRAC Express or iDRAC Professional, either of which may be upgraded to the full version by paying the additional cost. In environments that do not yet have an operating system installed, the Lifecycle Controller is able to carry out a comprehensive range of management tasks, such as software implementation, upgrades, device driver installation, and diagnostics, through the use of a single user-friendly interface known as the Unified Server Configurator (USC). These roles contribute to the simplification of the responsibilities that are placed on administrators. Because of this, you won't have to make use of a wide variety of CDs or DVDs or remember where you put them, which will save you both time and money.

Specifications and layout

Design with a specific function and a focus on the client

The exceptional system commonality and durability offered by Dell are used to great effect in the Dell PowerEdge R410. Easy installation is enabled by rack latches with quick release mechanisms and the strategic positioning of interface ports. Efforts made to improve the structural integrity include the construction of sturdy metal hard drive carriers and a control arm made entirely of steel.  The chassis depth of the DellTM PowerEdgeTM R410 is 24 inches, which is considered to be the optimal depth for data centers with limited available floor space and for ease of setup.

The channeled internal wiring of the Dell PowerEdge R410 was purposefully designed for the goal of facilitating optimal ventilation and facilitating simple maintenance. The aisle-level access to monitor and maintain an LCD screen that is positioned at the front of the bezel is provided. 

Management of Complicated Systems Made Easy

The most recent iteration of the DellTM OpenManageTM set of tools provides instructions and operations that are based on industry standards, making them easy to connect with pre-existing computer networks and improving overall management. 

OpenManage streamlines processes by condensing numerous stages into a single one, therefore laying the groundwork for automated business procedures. For efficient software and system administration, features include the ability to plug in technologies developed by other partners as well as a single console interface for controlling everything from. 

Enhanced Capabilities in the Processing, Memory, and I/O Domains

The DellTM PowerEdgeTM R410 delivers the superior performance of Intel® Xeon® processors from the 5500 series, in addition to the availability of up to four hard drives with a 3.5-inch (or an optional 2.5-inch) format, depending on the user's preference. 

In comparison to older memory technologies such as FBD or DDR2, the more recent DDR3 memory may provide a better bandwidth while also using less power. Expanded memory slots provide you the ability to employ dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) that are both smaller and less costly, which helps you fulfill computing goals while maintaining a healthy budget. 

This rack server is small, quiet, and adaptable, and it has a PCIe slot that is genuine x16 and uses the Gen2 standard. This slot can assist improve the I/O capabilities of the server. 

Developed for the Purpose of Enhanced Energy Management and Efficiency

The Dell PowerEdge R410 is equipped with Energy SmartTM technologies, which lower the amount of power used while simultaneously increasing the amount of performance capacity. 

The Dell PowerEdge R410 has extremely efficient Energy Smart components, power supply units that are just the correct size for the needs of the system, revolutionary system-level design efficiency, policy-driven power and thermal control, and more. All of these components are intended to improve the energy efficiency of the most recent core servers in our data centers, while also providing the level of performance that your company demands.

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