All You Need to Know About Dedicated Server vs Colocation

Dedicated Server vs Colocation | Differences and Benefits 

For your business or organization, choosing between the dedicated server Vs Colocation services is one of the essential choices. Each of these services has its pros and cons, and in the end, it all depends on your business's needs or the resources you have. 

Server colocationprovides one of the most reliable colocation services in the market, and our partner services provide excellent dedicated web hosting services and other types of web hosting services. However, this article is dedicated to people who want to know more about these services, their advantages and disadvantages, and their uses. 

dedicated server Vs Colocation

2021 has been one of the most influential years for the internet as a massive chunk of the population is online all the time. Billions of people have been connected to the internet, and hundreds of millions of people are online every day, surfing the internet for information, entertainment, socializing, and buying products.

For this reason, companies have been making and scaling their online presence to target their specific audience in large numbers. Some of the businesses have their IT hardware, mostly servers that they use to manage their online presence.

Regardless, this IT hardware needs to be housed and managed with proper resources 24/7 to provide maximum uptime for the organization's online systems. This is where server colocation comes into play. 

On the other hand, to this are the web hosting services, where instead of buying and running their hardware, they lease resources such as memory, RAM, processing, etc., from a hosting service provider. The chances are that you have already owned a website or a web system, and you might already know that a web hosting service is fundamental for a website if you want its contents to be accessed by people across the internet. Dedicated web hosting is one of the different types of web hosting services. 

Dedicated server Vs Colocation service, which should I go for? 

First of all, let us see the dedicated web hosting service; generally, websites and web systems start with shared web hosting. A single physical server's resources are allocated to different accounts (hundreds of them) simultaneously.

These accounts are using these resources simultaneously like a public space; however, after some time, your website or web system grows and starts observing more traffic, and so your shared web hosting would need an upgrade to VPS web hosting. In the VPS, a single physical server is further divided into multiple virtual servers, each of which will be allocated to a different user.

In this web hosting, the central physical server is the same, and the resources are divided as needed. However, after some time, your web traffic will outgrow the VPS hosting. Then you'll be required to upgrade to the dedicated web hosting where an entire physical server will be leased to you, and you'll be provided full control and independence over the server to configure it to your needs. 

On the flip side, server colocation is essentially a service that allows organizations to house their pre-owned hardware in the service provider's specially designed data center facilities. These data centers will be responsible for providing all the resources needed by your hardware, such as; adequate power distribution, optimal network bandwidth, environmental controls, power and data backup framework, physical space allocation, disaster management protocols, physical and network security, and a team of highly trained professionals. The data center will be responsible for providing the optimal uptime by your hardware. The server colocation service is for businesses and companies that want the full control and flexibility of what they want from their hardware, and all they need is a data center facility to house and manage their servers as the cost and hassle of doing it on the organization's premises is a lot. 

Comparison: Dedicated server Vs Colocation service

Here are some of the primary differences between server colocation and dedicated servers: 

  • You will have to move the pre-owned hardware to the data center's facility closest to you in colocation service. However, you'll lease a physical server in dedicated web hosting irrespective of the service provider's location.
  • Dedicated web hosting is for web systems that are facing a lot of incoming traffic. However, server colocation has nothing to do with the incoming traffic as the hardware will be of the customer, and it just needs to be housed and managed.
  • Server colocation gives the users complete control and authority over the changes they want to incorporate into their physical servers as the customers own them. A physical server's resources are fixed in dedicated web hosting, and you will need to upgrade your dedicated web hosting plan if your web system now needs more resources.
  • Server colocation pricing comparison to dedicated hosting costs is not a straightforward one. However, we can make a comparison for single-server colocation to dedicated web hosting plans. The basic single server colocation service, i.e.,  1U colocation pricing, will always be lesser than the most basic plan for dedicated web hosting.

Now comes the question of which one should you go for? 

If you want full control, flexibility, and independence over your server's resources, then server colocation is a great option. Still, you will be required to invest in the hardware yourself after that comes to the process to rent data center space. Furthermore, you will also be given the authority to watch over your hardware's physical security personally. On the other hand, if you don't want to invest in your hardware, dedicated web hosting will be viable. However, it will cost more than colocation services. 

Why choose our dedicated servers or colocation services? 

Server colocation has one of the cheapest colocation costs in the UK, with the most reliable services you can expect from a data center. We also bring our customers dedicated hosting services via our partner services. We also have excellent customer support. Suppose you're unsure about dedicated server Vs Colocation services, we'll help you out. 

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