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Things You Need to Know about Colocation Dedicated Server 

There are a lot of companies are offering colocation dedicated server and other web hosting services. The server colocation provides one of the most reliable and efficient colocation data centre services in the UK. We have partner services that provide one of the best server hosting services in the world. 

Before we get deeper into that, you need to know that server colocation and dedicated web hosting are essentially two different services, each having its uses, advantages, and disadvantages. However, both of these services essentially dovetail into a single point to help your company target the online markets. We are approaching the end of 2020, and the last two years have been very influential for the Internet as it has become a part of the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. Every second, millions of people are browsing the Internet.

This enormous amount of people has made the Internet a vast marketplace for companies and businesses to target their specific audience. Still, to target that audience, companies either need their hardware (primarily servers) or have to lease resources or hardware from a web hosting service provider. Suppose you’re planning on investing in your hardware. In that case, you will need a server colocation service because the upfront costs and the hassle of managing your physical servers is a lot, and server colocation is a great solution to that. 

Furthermore, you’ll need a web hosting service provider and a web hosting plan for a hosting web service, in this case, dedicated web hosting. However, you need to be sure that you need a dedicated web hosting service, not other ones. I have listed possible use, advantages and disadvantages for both of the services down below and by the end of it you’ll have a good understanding of which service you should go for. 

Colocation dedicated server vs. web hosting services 

So, what is colocation web hosting? 

Server colocation is a service that allows companies to house and manage their owned IT hardware in specially designed data centre facilities. These data centres will be responsible for providing the entire infrastructure of resources to the hardware to operate at the desired rates. The infrastructure has different services such as; adequate power distribution, a networking framework, physical space allocation, physical and networking security, disaster management, environmental controls, and a team of highly skilled professionals. 

On the flip side, the dedicated web hosting service is one of the web hosting services. A web hosting service allows the users to host their web systems and websites on leased physical servers.

All of your workloads will run on these servers, and authorized users from all over the world will be able to access them. There are different web hosting services; shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated web hosting services are the main types of web hosting. A physical server’s resources are allocated to multiple accounts in shared web hosting, and they are using them simultaneously.

In VPS web hosting, a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers allocated to different accounts and have full control of those virtual servers.

A website or web system is allocated an entire physical server in dedicated web hosting and has full control over those resources.  

Server colocation Vs dedicated server; which would be best for you? 

The answer to the question is not straightforward: it depends on your needs and budget. However, if you have the budget to buy your hardware, you can opt for server colocation services. However, if you cannot buy your hardware and face a lot of traffic, a dedicated web hosting service would be the best. 

However, the most significant advantage that colocation server hosting can provide you is full control, flexibility, and independence over the hardware, its resources, and changes as it is essentially your hardware. The changes to your hardware will be easy, and it will be easily scalable. 

Dedicated web hosting also allows a great deal of independence and control over the resources; however, as we know, you will be leasing the physical server from the service provider. To incorporate changes to the server, you will need to upgrade your plan. 

However, dedicated server hosting also greatly benefits as the overall costs are much lower than owning and putting your hardware for colocation. Additionally, colocation hosting pricing is generally less than dedicated web hosting. Still, if you look at the overall costs of investing In your hardware, then the overall costs are significant. 

Furthermore, colocation services and dedicated hosting need a lot of technical knowledge and skills to configure and manage. Almost all of the data centres have a team of highly trained individuals responsible for infrastructure management. Still, you will need an IT team to manage and incorporate changes in your system. However, in dedicated web hosting, almost all service providers will provide you with an option of “Managed dedicated web hosting,” where the service provider will take care of your configurations and management. 

As mentioned above, if you have the budget and are looking for a long-term setup for your organization, I believe  colocation hosting would be the best for you. You will have full control and independence over the hardware and its resources. 

You should opt for dedicated web hosting if you’re not in for a long term plan and need a web hosting service to manage your increased web traffic. 

Our Colocation Dedicated Server

The Server colocation is one of the most renowned colocation United Kingdom services providers. We provide an entire infrastructure and physical security solutions for your hardware; additionally, we also provide colocation dedicated server hosting in the market. 

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Colocation FAQs

About Server Colocation UK

Our servers are located in our own data center which is located in Derby, United Kingdom.
The data center is fully owned and managed by Data center plus, giving us the flexibility to work with our customers requirements and provide unrivaled levels of support.

Our data center is located next to Mansfield Road, Derby, UK. We are very accessible.
Our address is: Suite 18, Parker House, Mansfield Road, Derby, DE21 4SZ

Tour of our data center facilities is reserved for customers who are looking for colocation services with Data center plus.
If you would like to visit the data center, we must receive at least 24 hours notice.
You will also require to bring a form of ID in the form of a passport or driving license. We cannot allow anyone into the data center failing these requirements.

If you would like to place an order please contact us directly.
You can contact our sales team directly on 0808 169 7866 or emailing info@servercolocation.uk.
If you are an existing customer, log in to the site and simply check out after selecting your new service and proceed to payment options. The details of your new service will be added to your account portal.
If you are placing an order that is an upgrade to your existing one, get in touch with your account manager or raise a support ticket at info@servercolocation.uk.


If you are experiencing issues with your server, we recommend that the first you do is to raise a support ticket with our support team.
This can be done by sending an email to info@servercolocation.uk.
Alternatively, if the matter is time sensitive, feel free to give us a call on 0808 169 7866 and select the option for Support.
We have a 30 minute SLA response time to any ticket raised.

Remote hands cover requests made within office hours.
Our Remote Hands service covers assistance with the following items:
– Server reboots
– CDROM connect/disconnect
– Cable checks and moving network cables.
– Checking/relaying diagnostics information back to the customer.
If you require services outside of the above (for example, installation of software), we can provide this as part of our Additional Services, which is chargeable. Please contact your account manager or our helpdesk for further information.

Support for hardware failure is 24/7/365 on our Managed Servers.
Most failed hardware components can be replaced within 1 hour (during office hours and subject to parts being in stock.
Office Hours: 08:30 – 18:00

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