Choosing the Linux server distros 2020-Best For Everyone

The best Linux server distros for 2020: Worth Watching For

Considering the right Linux server is a quite daunting job today, especially when you have a lot of versions of Linux operating systems in the UK, you often get confused by seeing the long list. So if you are looking for the best Linux server distros for 2020, it's time to make a decision and see what the best option for your business is. Server colocation experts have created a helpful guide so you can learn everything about the Linux server and its benefits.

What are Linux server distros and why are they best for your business?

The Linux operating system has uniquely conceived as one of the fast desktop operating systems that compete for windows. Most of the business owners consider the Linux server as it is responsible to run some most powerful and highly effective variants of your operating system. And Linux servers can easily design to manage all such complicated and challenging business application requirements. 

Linux server distros

Many people choose Linux servers, as they are best for networking needs, system administration, database handling, and web services.

  • Scalability: Linux servers are considered an ideal option due to their long uptime, you can easily maintain without even the need of unnecessary reboots.
  • Security: Linux is considered a secure choice as compared to the Windows server.
  • Flexibility: As we discussed earlier, Linux is the more scalable choice and available from different reliable professionals, you can easily get your Linux server that can help you perform all the tasks you want to or can even customize them according to your needs.

And when it comes to the costs of Linux servers, you will get some of them for free. Many companies tend to charge so they can offer some exceptional built-to-order experience to their prospective users. Therefore, when some free distributions provide professional and paid services, they keep your systems up, stable, and running in awesome condition. 

The best Linux server distros 2020:

When it comes to the types of Linux servers, you will find fast and efficient servers according to your needs.

  • Arch Linux: Many people wonder, is Arch Linux good for servers? So the answer is yes, this is one of the top Linux distributions for servers, with n86-64 processors. This is a flexible and lightweight distribution for simple use.
  • CentOS: this is another Linux distribution which is compatible with RHEL, it's also a community-supported platform for common people use.
  • Debian: This has more than 20 years of experience that offers up to 65,000 packages. Ubuntu LTS server is based on SID.
  • Fedora server: this is one of the short-life cycle distros that is best for latest software usage
  • OpenSUSE: this is basically focused on creating some useful open-source tools for sysadmins and software developments.
  • Oracle Linux: This amazing distribution features the unbreakable kernel of Oracle as well as have zero downtime issues.
  • Ubuntu server: this is one of the popular server editions, which is more famous with commercial support.

General Linux server distros:

The below-mentioned are frequently used by all the Sysadmins who want to get started with Linux servers quickly. These highlighted distros are much popular on desktops or servers which are most perfect for new people and even good for experts and advanced Sysadmins. The category of general Linux distros include:

  • Ubuntu server
  • Arch Linux
  • Debian

These server distros are incredibly secure, stable, and flexible for your business needs. You can find more than 70,000 packages associated with these servers. Mageia, Slackware, and Gentoo are also included in this category.

Enterprises based Linux server distros:

These server distros are also considered in the category of open source but they also take the great advantages of relation with commercial Linux organizations. So the below-mentioned list of the servers is open-source and enterprise based commercial Linux organizations. 

  • Fedora server
  • Oracle Linux
  • CentOS
  • Open SUSE

These are independent Linux distribution platforms that are developed by community-supported projects. They have a lot of incredible features, scalable security, and multiple benefits that guarantee the best results without downtime issues. These servers enable all the system administrators to implement some high quality and latest server-based techniques. CentOS is also the best Linux server distro for home.

Commercial enterprise Linux server distros:

If you are looking for some highly efficient enterprise Linux server for amazing features and fabulous support, then these commercial distributions are undoubtedly the best to choose. You can approach your service providers and inquire more about the servers so you can easily utilize them for your needs. These servers include:

  • Red hat enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux enterprise

These servers are also compatible with Windows and other platforms. This is one of the best attributes of commercial enterprise Linux server distros. They also provide a secure and stable foundation of data center needs.

Some other important Linux server distros:

Other than the above mentioned Linux server distros, here we have compiled the list of some significant server distros. 

  • ClearOS
  • OpenWall
  • CoreOS
  • Scientific Linux
  • Turnkey Linux
  • Univention

    Which Linux distro is best for the server?

    There are a lot of options that can be considered for Linux server distros. These servers give you great access to some latest Linux features that work for enhanced security, stability, and flexibility. You can have major upgrades and gain more traffic, memory, and RAM. If you are looking for the best operating environment for your business, trying the above-mentioned options worth your consideration. They can help you enhance the operations efficiently in a short time. Furthermore, the costs of these servers are also affordable for even small business owners. 

    That’s the reason, Server colocation experts can guide you a lot regarding Linux server issues. You can get complete guidance about the installation and maintenance of these servers. So if you are looking for some great comprehensive support, you should approach the professionals today and let them handle your business needs. With their help, you can successfully build an extremely operative environment that serves best for your long term needs. If you want some more details, you can also visit their official website.

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