How beneficial is server colocation hosting?

Server colocation is a hosting solution adopted for a number of purposes by enterprises of all sizes. Small firms may gain the characteristics of a big IT department without incurring the corresponding capital expenditure. Large and medium-sized businesses may extend their infrastructure capacity without incurring expensive building or lease costs.

Large and medium-sized businesses may extend their infrastructure capacity without incurring expensive building or lease costs.

Before you purchase a server colocation server, you must grasp the fundamental notion. It is an on-site data storage and server facility. Unlike conventional hosting, colocation servers are not often provided. You are responsible for providing your own hardware, software, and other equipment. Additionally, you must provide your own power and water. However, if you acquire a severe colocation package, however, you do not have to worry about these issues. In server colocation, the hardware and software are yours. The hardware must be installed and configured. You may also purchase network devices, which facilitate the management of server traffic. You need not share your hardware with other customers. However, it is also important to know that your server needs to be updated often if you want to stay competitive.

  1. Availability

In a hosted environment, the hosting company ensures that your data is constantly available by taking the appropriate safeguards. There are emergency services accessible, such as power supplies, batteries, and generators, in the event of a power loss (, a supplier contract for fuel, and an SLA for refueling). Regularly testing backup plans ensures that these safety measures will be effective when required.

Additionally, hosting providers have extra agreements with an energy supplier for multiple energy connections that enter the structure at many points. Standard features include multiple Internet services that reach the building from different places and a plan with the local government for digging that won't damage cables. 

  1. Business continuity 

Your data is safeguarded from natural catastrophes such as fires, floods, etc. in a data center owned by your web host. Additionally, precautions are taken to prevent the hardware from overheating. Air conditioning and cooling systems prevent the data center's temperature from reaching a dangerous level. You may also opt to store your data in two data centers for redundancy (in two separate locations, perhaps far apart).

If your servers are in a remote data center, it is also easier to make a backup plan in case of an emergency.  This way, if there is a natural disaster, your workers can still work from a temporary site.

  1. Security 

To restrict access, combat physical risks, and safeguard servers from attackers, data centers use a variety of distinct but equally vital security techniques. These measures may include round-the-clock video surveillance and alarm monitoring, entrance and exit card access, cabinets with tumbler locks, and an electric surrounding fence.

  1. Adjusting  

In terms of bandwidth, colocation provides further advantages. It is easier to expand in a hosted data center than in-house, and colocation is less expensive since you can use the hosting company's resources.

  1. Economical Solution

For enterprises, outsourcing data servers proves to be the most cost-effective alternative to in-house management. Managing data servers in-house means taking care of many different tasks, such as cooling support, infrastructure, and other equipment.

All of these factors result in a rise in the expense of doing business. The colocation solution is a comprehensive and dependable alternative. When you choose a colocation solution, you have access to a reliable infrastructure and environment. The cost of security staff, moving offices, and power outages is cut down by the colocation hosting solution.

  1. Data backup services

It is recommended to use the ECS Data Backup solution. As ECS Experts, they will be responsible for safeguarding your sensitive data and securing your critical data in advance. In the event of any mistake, bug, or server-related problem, our staff is available 24*7*365 in the Network Operation Center (NOC) Department. Data Backup Solutions provide the synchronization of the original data with remote servers.

  1. Increase Security

The security of your hosting servers is enhanced. The staff of a colocation hosting firm manages your services. The team has all the security expertise and techniques necessary to eliminate or mitigate physical threats and intrusions. Also, most businesses use security cameras, biometric systems, access control systems, and background checks. 

  1. IT management

Compared to on-premise hosting, colocation often lowers the total cost of ownership. This includes cost savings in IT management. Your IT personnel will have more time to dedicate to company-specific duties, innovation, and business goals.

  1. Enhanced Protection against Power Failure

Power interruptions may cause data corruption and other major problems on servers. It is suggested that all servers be protected by UPS technology for these reasons.

You may not be able to secure your server from power interruptions at a cost-effective rate as a company. However, a server data center will already have safeguards in place to protect against power outages.

This not only safeguards your data but also increases your uptime. Reports indicate that the average cost of one hour of downtime for an SMB is between $10,000 and $20,000.

  1. Better Compliance

Companies must now document their compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CPPA, and Safe Harbor on the security of personal data. However, not all businesses have the necessary certification expertise. Auditors who check certificates and assure compliance are often employed by reputable colocation facilities.

  1. Higher Commute Costs

You will be responsible for the hardware upkeep of several colocation servers. Your IT personnel will have to go to your colocated server if anything needs to be inspected. This may increase transportation expenses.

  1. Service and support

The majority of colocation clients send their own maintenance and emergency personnel to the data center. Due to this, many industries require a certain amount of infrastructure redundancy so that workers are not forced to go to the data center for every hardware component failure. It is also conceivable to hire remote personnel on an as-needed basis to repair a faulty component in a data center. For businesses with reasonably consistent requirements, colocation is often a more cost-effective and resource-efficient option than on-premises hosting.

If you need additional room and power for dynamic or always changing projects, a hosting provider that also provides hybrid cloud services may supply you with extra space. However, enhancing the user experience may be used and billed monthly. As monthly income replaces one-time license fees in the IT business, hosted services provide an appealing method for matching expenditures with revenue. Additionally, hybrid cloud services have several automated capabilities, such as a client interface, that make it simple to remotely handle vast volumes of data.

Is a Colocation Hosting Service Provider Appropriate?

Colocation is a fantastic option for medium-to-large organizations without an established server infrastructure. Utilizing the colocation provider's shared bandwidth provides your organization with the necessary capacity without the expense of on-premises hosting. Colocation enables businesses to decrease power and bandwidth expenses, as well as increase uptime with redundant infrastructure and security. With server colocation hosting, the customer and data center collaborate.

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