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Colocation FAQs

About Server Colocation UK

Our servers are located in our own data center which is located in Derby, United Kingdom.

Our data center is located next to Mansfield Road, Derby, UK. We are very accessible.
Our address is: Suite 18, Parker House, Mansfield Road, Derby, DE21 4SZ

Tour of our data center facilities is reserved for customers who are looking for colocation services with Data center plus.
If you would like to visit the data center, we must receive at least 24 hours notice.
You will also require to bring a form of ID in the form of a passport or driving license. We cannot allow anyone into the data center failing these requirements.

If you would like to place an order please contact us directly.
You can contact our sales team directly on 0808 169 7866 or emailing
If you are an existing customer, log in to the site and simply check out after selecting your new service and proceed to payment options. The details of your new service will be added to your account portal.
If you are placing an order that is an upgrade to your existing one, get in touch with your account manager or raise a support ticket at


Follow these steps in case of any server issue: Firstly, get yourself a support ticket. For this, please navigate to our support page and enter all the relevant information. Our support team will generate a ticket for you. Otherwise, send your complaint and relevant information at info@servercolocation.ukIn case, you think the issue is critical and time-sensitive call us immediately at +44 133-230-0935 and simply choose the complaint number. Our SLA response of time is only 30 minutes of each ticket

With remote hand services, you can rapidly respond to disasters.
Our remote hand's services cover different tasks, including:
– Rebooting server
– Connecting and disconnecting cables
– Check and report on indicators
– Checking and relying on diagnostic data back to the clients
In case you need other services such as software installation, we will also serve them to you as an additional service. You may require to pay extra amount for that service. For more information, contact our help centre.

Support for hardware failure is 24/7/365 on our Managed Servers.
Most failed hardware components can be replaced within 1 hour (during office hours and subject to parts being in stock.
Office Hours: 08:30 – 18:00

Emergency support work