What is colocation server hosting? Is it Right for Your Business?

What is colocation server hosting? How does it works? 

When you are looking for a hosting that will provide a managed environment for your servers, colocation hosting is an idle hosting. What is colocation server hosting? The colocation hosting provider will give a space that you rent out and shift your servers into space. A lot of organization trusts colocation hosting. It proves very efficient for the organization as they do not have to worry about the data loss due to servers. If you are looking for a hosting provider, then you should check the server colocationThey have reliable and effective colocation hosting for your servers.  

Complete understanding of what is colocation server hosting: 

The colocation hosting is a type of hosting in which you will lease a certain space in the managed environment. The managed environment that most of the hosting provider has is a data center. The data center has all the facilities that will make your server run properly. The colocation hosting providers have pre-installed features like efficient power distribution, cooling systems, etc. You just shift your servers into the environment and enjoy the service of the colocation. 

What is colocation server hosting?

In colocation hosting the management and maintenance of the servers is your responsibility. You have to either send a team or hire a professional team from the management service's hosting provider. The hosting provider does not provide you with the servers. You have to buy the servers and then shift them into space you rented out.  

Most of the organization avoid installing a separate environment for their servers. Because the installed of a certain environment might disturb their budget. Moreover, they have to hire more skilled staff that will look after the maintenance of the optimum environment. Using colocation hosting, they bypass such high costs and focus on the other requirements of the business. 

 Colocation Pricing Guide: How Colocation pricing is done?

The colocation hosting providers will charge you monthly. They will send a monthly Colo bill to your address. The monthly Colo bill is made depending upon multiple factors. Some prices in the bill are constant, and some are variable. To have a good estimate of your monthly Colo bill, you should understand how they Colo providers do the pricing.  

Below we will discuss the factors that make the monthly Colo bill: 

The space of the rack: 

The Colocation rack space makes a lot of price in the monthly billing. The colocation space is measured in rack units (U) or square unit. The spaces provided by the hosting providers are of different sizes. Each size of space has its own price and room for space. Like half-rack space allows you to store 22 servers and has more price than quarter colocation space. In which you can save 10 servers.  You get services like a localizable private rack, so you get the outcome of the price that you are paying. 

Power usage: 

The Colo bill also has a variable cost of power usage. The power usage depends on the servers you have installed and how efficient the data center has installed the power distribution system. The power is generally measured in the KW, but some of the data center use other methods like power circuit, etc. The power used by the servers and cooling system will be added to your Colo bill. Just like the grid station charges us for the electricity we use. The data center that has an efficient power distribution system will have high charges for power usage. But you will pay only for the power that you use.  

Bandwidth usage: 

The bandwidth is used to manage the servers that are placed in the off-site data center. The bandwidth requirement depends on how you use your servers. The high the bandwidth you have, the more easily you have access to your servers. The bandwidth charges are variable, and they will depend on your usage. To have a good estimate of your monthly cost, you should calculate the monthly accurate bandwidth cost. The Colo providers also have a team that will work with your organization to estimate the bandwidth. 

The maintenance of the equipment: 

The equipment used to provide the managed environment also require maintenance and management. They Colo providers will charge you for the price required for the maintenance of the equipment. Most of the providers have a flat cost for the maintenance of the equipment. This price will be mentioned in the SLS agreement. 

Comparison with dedicated hosting: 

The dedicated hosting is a hosting in which you will get a whole dedicated server. The hosting provider will provide the dedicated server. You have to pay monthly for the rent of the server. The dedicated hosting providers will give you dedicated resources like ram, processor, etc. so that you can easily manage your site.  

The difference between dedicated hosting and colocation hosting is that later allows you to have a server of your own choice in the data center. While in dedicated hosting, you have to use the server that the hosting providers provide. So, in colocation, you have better control as compared to the dedicated hosting because you have installed servers of your own choice. 


The understanding of what is colocation server hosting is provided. The colocation hosting will give you a space in the data center so that you can easily offer a particular environment to your servers. The colocation hosting provider will charge you monthly for their service. The factors included in the monthly Colo bill are fixed and variable. Space and power usage have a big role in the monthly Colo bill. The comparison with the dedicated hosting tells us that using colocation hosting will have better control than dedicated hosting. The server colocation has efficient packages for the colocation hosting. 

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