New Updates Regarding FFXIV Lodestone Server Status and Character

FFXIV Lodestone Server Status Maintenance Plans and Update Duration 

The Power of the Lodestone 

While thinking about the features of that Final Fantasy XIV offer to its players you frequently start thinking about the content and updates. The game contains the following features, like war chocobos, houses, breakouts, new dungeons, cosmetics, or storyline questions. Players usually don’t consider the other marvelous features offered by the outside of the games, usually as the lodestone site.     



We all remember the time when EverQuest 2 was begun, it gave us a site that allows us to see our character stats, and gear. I also remember you had to pay more than the buying cost of a box and a sub. These days, things like this will never come, yet the one reason is that I have never taken the FFXIV lodestone easily.   



FFXIV lodestone server status gives us a lot of important data more than the news and other updates.  As a free company leader, I use this consistently. It is a precious source for players. While most FFXIV players know it exists, I don’t have an idea if they know everything it can do. Here at Server Colocation, I am going to describe the server status FFXIV lodestone features.  



ffxiv lodestone server status

News and Events 

The most obvious feature offer by the FFXIV lodestone is that it gives a single news store and information, no matter you are logged into the site or not. The news is coming in the form of maintenance announcements and follow-up at recess. When the game release the update, you will be able to see the full patch notes on lodestone. You will also find the server status page while working with issues of connection.   



Lodestone is the fountain for the pre-test future patches as well as for the developer blogs. With it, you will be able to know about the content and competition of the mobile devices and your website through the official FFXIV fan kit.   



New Character Registration Limitations 

Lodestone is the spot to go if you have a special server in mind if you need to build a new character, particularly. Because some servers have more people than others, FFXIV restricts how many new characters can be created from the server each day. New character limitations change throughout from time to time in a day. Therefore, if you are getting a character that is new needs to understand if the server is free for registration, Lodestone provides up-to-date information on that.   



Player Guides - FFXIV lodestone server status  

Lodestone also offers an entire section of directors dedicated to new players believe it or not but this true. We speak very clearly. Like character creation, learning controls, party play, configuration settings, navigation UI, and a complete list of text commands.     



Details of larger features are included by the play guides like a gold saucer and frontline PVP. It is good to have them although this is a quick guide to access these features.   



FFXIV Database 

The Eorzea Database is very powerful. Demand, job, NPC, achievement, art recipe, and item collected in the game all of these things detailed information is provided by the Lodestone. It is called a fully-fledged search database that provides each page for each login. The object pages display figures, such as what you will see in the text box to navigate to the top of the game. Where to find NPCs, what level you should be at, what prior needs, and what quests come after the quests will provide all these details.   



If that wasn't enough, each page also allows logged-in users to add comments and photos. This gives members of the public a way to add their details to the database pages if they wish.    



Character Portraits - FFXIV lodestone server status  

The character profile part of the Lodestone is the point most players are informed of. You can explore for and see any character in the sport, even if you’re not logged into the website.    



I find this very helpful as a leader of a free company because it allows me to look at applicants who sign up for our free company through our website. Who is this player? What jobs do they have? Do they look like a new athlete or even a veterinarian? Most essential, all are our servers!

This information allows me to have meaningful conversations with the applicant when I first meet them because I have an idea of what they have done with their character.     



If you go into Lodestone and choose one of your characters, you have all the information you need about that character in your hands. You can view the class levels of this character with your entire gear.

But you also get information such as how many homes and landmarks you have currently demolished. What reputation does your character have with the tribes of the beast? Table of mountains and followers you have got. How many MGPs do you have for the Gold Saucer, and if you take part in the Triple Triad Tournament?    



Retainer Features 

Another clean, new feature of Lodestone is the last section of your character sheet. This is incredibly helpful as it provides searchable information on what they have in store for you. Have you ever wondered if you had something or a weapon in a bank, but you couldn't get into the game to check it out? Lodestone gives you all this information directly on the website.    

You can also view your current auction sales and the history of all sales you've made in the past! This is a great tool for people who enjoy browsing an item and playing auction house because you can keep up with all your sales when you are away from the game

Free Company Profiles 

Each free company has a profile on Lodestone. This profile provides the page with all the important information about a free company such as a server, number of members, where FC was established, their level of the server, and their focus on sports. The job file provides an overview of FC people signing in and their success.

The most helpful listing page is always up-to-date and provides information to FC members and leadership. Lodestone also displays details of what is currently stored on FC's chest and provides a free forum for FC members to use on-site.    



I can't stress how important all this is, especially for people who want to join the new FC. If you are serious about finding the right fit, the first thing, without looking at the FC website, is to search for FC on Lodestone and check it out completely.    



Social Networking 

One thing I do not see is often used by English-speaking players, but which seems to be most commonly used by Japanese players, is the built-in communication network provided by Lodestone. You can become friends and follow other players on Lodestone which gives you access to parts of their profile that allow friends to see them.     



You can access Each Lodestone character also has his or her blog directly from the home menu. You can use this blog for anything from posting ideas or opinions, writing role-plays, asking community questions, or posting directions and guides. If you link your character account to other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, you can share your Lodestone blog posts with these networks.    



Final Thoughts: 

With all that being said, I hope this post has introduced you to some useful FFXIV lodestone server status feature that you are unfamiliar with, and that you are making good use of the FFXIV tool it offers to all players. It's free to use and can keep you connected to information about characters, free companies, and your friends at times when you can't get into the game. Here at Server Colocation, you will get all the information about server status FFXIV and you can have your own managed server services.  


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