Why Consider Colocated Bare-Metal Servers

In some ways, the term bare-metal server sounds archaic. The era of monolithic apps and on-premises server rooms was the era in which the majority of workloads operated on bare metal. For the majority of organizations, that age ended at least ten years ago, and they have now migrated to the cloud.

However, moving workloads back to bare-metal servers might be an appealing option in some circumstances, particularly if the servers are hosted in colocation centers rather than on-premise. In fact, colocation providers are carving out a niche that offers them an advantage over public clouds and on-premises data centers alike by providing simple-to-deploy and simple-to-scale bare-metal infrastructure.

What is Bare-Metal Colocation? 

In bare-metal colocation a business or individual rents actual server hardware, or bare-metal servers from a provider of data centers and installs them in the providers' data centers.

The tenant in this sort of hosting has complete control over the server hardware and can tailor it to suit their unique requirements, including installing their own operating system, programs, and software. The server must be managed and kept up to date by the tenant who is also in charge of security, software updates, and hardware upkeep. 

Companies that need a lot of control and flexibility over their server hardware and software, including those in the banking, healthcare, or gaming sectors, frequently choose bare-metal colocation. Businesses with varying workloads may also find it to be a cost-effective solution because they may rent or release servers as needed.

Bare Metal in the Public Cloud

Without a doubt, bare-metal workloads can be deployed outside of colocation facilities Public cloud providers also provide bare-metal server solutions. In reality, services like AWS and Google Cloud have recently increased the number of bare-metal instances they offer. The public cloud makes it very easy to deploy bare metal because it can be managed using the same tools as cloud VMs. Furthermore, you only pay for the services you really use, typically depending on how many hours a week your bare-metal cloud servers are used.

Why Consider Colocated Bare-Metal Servers

Compared to other hosting choices like virtual private servers (VPS) or cloud hosting colocated bare-metal servers can have a number of benefits. Here are some factors that both businesses and individuals may want to think about while colocating bare-metal servers.


While they are dedicated physical servers that are not shared with any other users colocated bare-metal servers provide the maximum level of performance. This results in quicker processing times and faster data transmission rates because the server's resources such as its CPU, RAM, and storage are not shared with other users.


You have total control over the hardware and software configuration of a colocated bare-metal server. You have the option of selecting the operating system installing any necessary programs and configuring the hardware to match your unique needs.


Compared to other hosting alternatives colocated bare-metal servers offer a higher level of protection. You may put your own security measures in place and make sure that your data is kept private because you have total control over the server.

Cost Effectiveness

Colocated bare-metal servers may occasionally be more affordable than other types of hosting, particularly if you need a high level of performance or customization. You can customize the server to match your unique demands and potentially reduce costs because you have total control over it.


You can quickly scale your infrastructure with colocated bare-metal servers. Without the restrictions of a shared hosting environment, you can increase the number of servers or update the hardware to match your expanding needs.

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Closing Thoughts

Colocated bare-metal servers may or may not be a smart choice for a single firm depending on its unique needs and resources. When choosing a choice, it's crucial to carefully weigh the trade-offs between performance, customizability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

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