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A definitive guide to server colocation pricing UK for you

Server colocation is one of the most exceptional options for businesses that are looking to streamline their business operation without paying huge upfront costs. When you lease some space in the data center, companies outsource bandwidth, power, and other costs while taking complete control over their hardware and server space. The ultimate expenses of bandwidth and networking are worth moving the hardware and IT equipment offsite, but there are a lot of expenses to consider that can become a headache for a business owner. To overcome these costs, it’s important to have a look at server colocation pricing UK and make a budget before you move the servers to a data center. Server Colocation experts in the UK have presented a useful guide that can help you make the right decision for your business needs.

server colocation pricing UK

Hardware costs included in the server colocation pricing UK:

With a server colocation solution, you are not renting out the dedicated server. You are simply using and deploying your own equipment, that's why you need to purchase hardware. As compared to leasing space, this usually seems much expensive because you are making just one-time upfront costs. However, you don’t need to pay monthly costs, as you pay with dedicated servers. Most importantly, you can have completely managed control and choose your hardware components.

Prices always vary, especially for the first time purchase, you may need to pay higher than usual. It would be easy for you to choose powerful configurations that charge you more than expected. For example, if you are buying a 1U colocation package, your prices would start from £18.78. Also, you need to pay something for operating system licenses as well.

Colocation costs per rack in the server colocation pricing UK:

You can determine colocation pricing by the physical space rented as per your needs. You can measure the physical space in either per square foot or rack units. For example, 1 U equals 1.75 inches in height. And it would cost around £18.78-£37.56.

Each 19-inch wide space is particularly built to fit in some specific number of rack units. Many servers usually take more than 1 to 4 rack units of space. So typically, best server colocation providers tend to set a minimum of ¼ rack of space. Some services can even set 1U minimum, but choosing 1 U is quite rare these days, and business owners consider 4U for £58.59 price.

When you are demonstrating your colocation provider, it’s recommended to inquire about square footage, the overall cabinet capacity, or power availability solution according to per rack costs. Your costs would automatically arise when you demand private suites.

Electrical power costs involved in UK data center pricing:

The electricity costs are considered as the most significant element involved in hosting. There are numerous payment methods associated with the solution. 1 unit billing always costs a specific amount per kilowatt. You would be eventually charged for the amount mentioned in your plan with an additional fee for any usage. As an alternate, you might pay a metered fee for using data center power. Different service providers would offer certain service levels and power distribution costs.

The most reliable service providers provide great redundancySome service provides the solution at an additional charge, while many others tend to include this by default and include in it your overall costs. Redundancy may cost little, but it offers you great peace of mind. If you want to avoid downtime, you can choose a London colocation provider that helps you manage various risks and threats.

Colocation server price- setup free:

According to service level agreements for colocation, you are responsible for deploying the equipment or hardware yourself. However, colocation services can only provide onsite help and technical hardware deployment.

A user can simply ship its equipment, and your service providers will deploy it. It's also called the Rackspace solution. They may charge you a single time setup fee for providing that service. This looks like a better option if you don’t have any IT staff for your needs. There might be another reason that your location is quite far away and the costs of sending staff may exceed the charges of standard outsourcing. Your server deployment costs could be £10-15 depending on whether you want to outsource the service or manage by your own IT staff.

Onsite troubleshooting:

Colocation services do not include troubleshoot pricing in their plans. It is basically up to your staff to set up, deploy and then manage your server. However, there are a lot of reliable provides that provide managed services for some extra charges.

It would generally include changing a faulty or malfunctioned hardware, tracking, monitoring, patching, DNS, SSL management and others. Your service providers may charge on per hour basis according to your problem.

There are a lot of benefits offered by managed colocation services. But eventually, it increases costs while reducing the headache of managing things on your own.

Speed and latency issues:

Speed could be measured by how fast the electric signals could travel through your network. In other words, you can also refer it to the time it usually takes a server to answer your query. When the entire costs of networking start decreasing, your hosts achieve faster speeds. You may see numbers such as 10Gbps or 100 Gbps. These are usually the measure of how rapidly your data can travel across your networks.

Another speed factor is generally a server response time measured in milliseconds. It would measure the exact time between the request sent, and a reply from the server. 50 milliseconds is considered to be the quick response time, 70ms is also fine, but around 200ms is slow. By choosing costly packages, you can also expect maximum server response time, which results in ultimate speed and performance. However, low cost or cheap packages may provide slower response time with affected performance.

The most important thing to consider is, whether server colocation pricing UK could match your business needs or you need a custom solution. Take a few hours to learn about your service provider and see how they manage their data centers. If you feel any doubts about their operations, it's better to switch to another reliable provider like Server colocation where professional people can help you make the right choice for your business needs.

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