How to make the most of your server management package

Businesses are quickly adopting the cloud these days. They use remote data centers to avail of cloud services, but it does not mean that servers are no longer necessary. Companies must perform many IT functions like emails, applications, hosting websites, data storage, and applications. Above all, they should ensure that all devices are always in their best condition. 

And that is why server management is critical. 

Good server management improves all business processes since teams can pace up their activities. It allows them to solve problems at the early stages and does not allow them to hurt your business. So, there is a minimum probability of setbacks. In simple words, making most of your servers is ensuring it performs correctly. 

8 Great Tips To Ensure Maximum Performance

  • Proper Mounting

Small businesses usually work on a shorter budget. They sometimes compromise long-term benefits over short-term benefits, which influences their server management decision. Many businesses prefer to have them near workstations, which look convenient but can be harmful to hardware. Proper mounting on the server racks is always a better strategy. 

That protects the servers from many dangers, like accidents, dirt, and spilling. Server racks keep the servers in an accessible area in an organized way. Racks also make management and cleaning easy. Servers are also vulnerable to wear and tear in the office. Racks increase the lifespan of servers as well. 

Also, keep your future plans in mind during server installation. When you select the rack mount, make sure you have room for expansion. You may opt for half-empty racks so you can redesign them over the journey.

  • Your Servers Should Be Separate From Main Area

The noise of many servers is unbearable during operation. Some may make more and some less noise depending on the type, but they all do make noise. They may harm the precious hardware. So ensure that they are far enough from the working place physically. There is no option other than server racks with a built-in sound reduction if you cannot afford a designated server room.

  • Take Care of Your Hardware

Maintaining hardware is the essential work in server management. Productivity suffers a lot when you do not have dependable hardware. So make sure that you take care of the following essential server components:

CPU - (Central Processing Unit): It is the core of all servers since it performs all calculations for all programs that run on the server. Its constant monitoring is essential to ensure top-level performance. It should not be operating near 100% of its power, since it will slow it down.

RAM - (Random Access Memory): It is the working memory of your server. It runs faster than hard disks. RAM amount is directly proportional to devise performance.

Hard Drive: Hard drive serves as permanent storage for your servers, who save all data and programs. However, overuse can impact their performance. So make sure that you manage the hard drive properly. The performance tasks include tracking available space, deleting unnecessary files, installing new drives, or including cloud-based solutions.

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  • Ensure Proper & Frequent Cooling

We all expect the fastest performance levels from our servers, but it requires optimal conditions. Cooling servers should be your primary focus. Excess heat hurts the durability of servers. So, it would be best if your cooling device operates outside the building. Also, there should be a cooling solution that runs on backup power. There will always be a chance of a power outage or central air not working in night.

  • Manage & Maintain The Software

The software that empowers any server also needs regular maintenance. Make sure you update software regularly, and delete unnecessary files and apps. That would make your server perform better. Cybercriminals would have very few vulnerabilities to exploit and access your network.

  • Organize Your Wiring In a Neat Way

Do you lack technical expertise? The wiring in the server setup will surely overwhelm you if your answer is yes. So sort out the mess and make it look organized. It will not only improve the performance but also the viability of the server for future upgrades. Also, keep labeling in mind during all this arrangement. When you remove, rearrange, or install your cables, label and group them neatly. It will help you avoid clutter.

  • Focus Security

Also, ensure you take proper measures from a cybersecurity point of view. Here are something you must do to ensure your server is safe from cyber attacks:

  • Use firewalls to keep unauthorized traffic away. 
  • Encrypt external network and data storage.
  • Install antivirus software and make sure it is always up to date. 
  • Use good access control tools. 
  • Tell your users to keep changing their passwords regularly. 
  • Use Security Information and Event Management Tools.
  • Conduct the analysis to find out potential threats and ensure the implementation of security measures.
  • Always Backup Your Data

Finally, always take backups to minimize the loss in any bad event. Losing the data is a disastrous phenomenon that destroys your image and decreases conversion rates. It can lead to losing existing customers, too. You should have a backup for not only software and hardware but also your power. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of data during a power outage. 

You can easily find many tools for backups, recoveries, and status monitoring. Try to find one that can handle both your operating systems and IT architecture. This ideal software should be capable of working across all systems and applications you are working with today or will install in the future. Moreover, they must possess strong analytical power to diagnose the server issues quickly.

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