Cheap servers UK: Comparison between on-premise and cloud-based

Every new and established business consider choosing cheap servers UK for their needs. They need to maintain security, flexibility, and reliability in their business operations so they want to make the best choice that gives long term benefits. So when it comes to choosing the perfect server for their needs, they are unable to decide the right option. 

cheap servers UK

To solve this difficulty, most of the IT companies in UK often get asked, “On-premise or cloud-based server"? The answer is a bit intimidating because there is usually no ONE size that fits all needs. It entirely depends upon what is more important to your business needs. Here, with the help of Server Colocation in the UK, we can analyze which option suits best for your needs so you can easily decide to choose cheap servers for your business. 

But before proceeding further, let me give you a quick overview of servers.

Cheap servers UK- Overview

A server is a type of device that allows quick data transformation much easily. The purpose of the server is to fulfill requests from all the potential clients. A server is responsible for delivering the information that your client requests. 

Let’s take an example, if you are a client, you order food from a restaurant (server), which delivers it to you at your exact address. Just like this, a request is made on, and then the answer is delivered quickly. Therefore, without servers, no business can fulfill their needs because they need some medium to host their websites, files, and databases. 

Moreover, choosing the cheap servers in the UK is the primary need of your business; especially if you are a startup, you have to manage your operations smoothly without spending much on expensive equipment or hardware. Moreover, the cheap dedicated servers UK also leverage the scalability and power that ultimately gives significant advantages to your business.

Cheap Servers UK- What are the options?

When you are planning to set up an IT infrastructure of the company, you will be required to make various high-cost decisions that can set the ultimate foundation for the advanced infrastructure of your company. So, your main objective here is to ensure that you are making the right choices for the success of your business.

You have two options available:

  • Cloud-based server
  • On-premise server

Cloud-based server:

The cloud-based server is a virtual server which is hosted through cloud computing, without any hardware or equipment costs.

On-premise server:

On-premise is an on-site, physical server that every company must maintain, and manage individually according to their needs.

Cloud-based server vs on-premise server:

Let’s compare the types and see what’s suitable for your business needs:

  • Costs:
  • With cloud-based server hosting, you will be required to pay monthly, and when you will grow, you will need to pay accordingly. The cloud-based solution is much easy and quick, and can be easily set up and maintained without spending enough on maintenance.

    On the other hand, on-premise servers need a large upfront capital investment for different installation and hardware. Once the on-premise server gets installed, you will require quick maintenance and dedicated support for running the processes smoothly. That type of solution is always much expensive and short term as compared to cloud-based hosting.

  • Security:
  • Cloud-based solutions are quite reliant on third-party security practices. Their data backup process is simple and automated which makes it an ideal choice of users. You can use it quickly, easily and securely.

    In the case of on-premise servers, data security will be completely in your hands, and this seems to be a manual process. But on the other side, you will also have control over how to make your data secure. For many companies, this is a plus point, while others feel they don’t have enough expertise to secure the network perfectly.

  • Scalability:
  • Cloud-based servers are probably more scalable and flexible in terms of successful growth & development. It looks like less of the hassle to expand the storage space. Plus, you can upgrade other features according to your business needs.

    For an on-premise solution, you will be required to get manual help from professional people. They will come and install the software to properly scale, you will also have to call them in case of further upgrades.

  • Reliability:
  • The cloud-based solution is much more reliable than other hosting solutions. The only requirement is 24 hours of internet availability to ensure a smooth connection between servers and customers.

    When it comes to reliability, on-premise servers are considered best because they are not reliant on the internet connection which is probably the attractive point for many companies. And that's the reason, they choose an on-premise option so if they are failed to maintain a smooth 24 hours internet, their servers do not stop working and things running smoothly without a pause.

  • Support:
  • In a cloud-based hosting solution, you don't need to worry about support, assistance, and maintenance. Some professionals can help you provide all kinds of support conveniently.

    But in the case of the on-premise solution, you will be the only responsible person for dealing with technical complications. And if you are not an expert in handling complexities, then you are required to pay a huge amount to solve errors.

    Making a decision:

    Knowing what your business needs, is probably one of the best elements that can help you make the right decision. So, if you have learned both solutions, it's time to make a decision about cheap servers UK for your company and see what the best fit for your setup is. So if you are a large company with multiple resources to make some big capital investment then the on-premise solution is the best thing to adopt today. 

    However, if you are a small or mid-scale organization, looking for some budget-friendly solution, and want a less hands-on approach, then the cloud-based option is the best fit for your business needs. But if you think that neither helps you with your business, then it is time to take quick consultation from Server colocation experts where you can expect detailed guidance and the best suggestions suitable for your business.

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