7 Must Features Every Datacenter Should Have

In today's world, the essential commodity is information. That is why proper storage and security of data is a topic. Your business must find the most secure place to find it. 

That is why businesses are also ready now to invest in good data centers and colocation services. They are now a valuable asset to the company. As a result, many businesses want to ask how to identify a good data center.  

This article will explain 7 features that every data center should have. 

  • Appropriate Location for You

Data centers far away could be cost-effective. But there are the perks of close data centers as well. For example, you do not have to pay your IT team for travel. But, if your area is prone to natural disasters, choose a data center on a separate power grid too. It makes sure your data is safe even in the case of a power outage. Also, data will always be easily accessible.

  • Reliability of Data Center

Good data centers always have a backup source of power. When considering a data center, ask them about the redundant systems they offer in case of emergencies. Also, ensure they have proper ventilation and cooling within their infrastructure.

  • Data Center Should Be Secure

Security is the most critical aspect. All your data and applications are there. Your business empire would collapse in case of a breach. Data breach cost, on average, is around $4 million. It would help if you utilized enterprise-grade DDoS protection to minimize the risk of DDoS attacks. 

Using software and technology that protects your assets should be the priority of data centers. However, they should also work on physical security, like virtual security. Proper locks, surveillance, and personnel are must-haves. However, ensure that protection does not limit the scalability of your service.

  • Network Services Capacity

There is a limit to their capacity without upgrading infrastructure. You can understand how strong the network is by checking reliability, speed, and security. Also, consider future needs since your company will grow with time. Therefore, getting more bandwidth from day one is the best idea. 

Also, you can invest in server colocation to get more control over the capacity of the data center. Using a local shared facility is the same. First, you pay the rent of space in the data center. Then, they are responsible for cooling, power, and security. Also, you get 24/7 staffing and increased security procedures. In most cases, you will divide the space and pay by rack. 

  • Flexibility & Scalability

Business requirements can change anytime. So, it would help if you found a data center that is flexible enough to adapt. Modern technology has made many advancements to meet changing business needs.

  • Emergency Backups

Good data centers know about every single point of failure. Also, they always have ways to mitigate risks. For example, we have already discussed how problematic these facilities are for natural disasters and power outages. 

So, all medium and large data centers should use centralized uninterruptible power systems for emergency power. The moment when the original power source stops working, these systems automatically start their work. Make sure the data center you signed up with has the backup generators. It is essential even if you are not in an area where outage stories are familiar.

Also, don't forget to check if they have a fire suppression system.

  • Reputation

Also, do enough research about the reputation of the data center. Also, ask your friends who have online businesses. Yes, there will be good and bad about every data center. But, still, you should make sure that you do not sign up with a bad reputation. 

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