All you need to know about 4U colocation UK

4U colocation UK and colocation hosting

Servers are the most essential part of every business that works like the backbone of your company because it provides high storage density, efficient power supply, perpetual security to your data, and improve the bandwidth and performance of your computer. These servers are paired with rack mount cabinets that work like an enclosed rack and reside your server to provide strong physical security against the harsh environment. Most of the servers are available in 19" inch wide chassis. And some of the most common servers are classified as 1u, 2u, 3u, 4u, and 5u servers and so on… most of the businesses that consider expanding their companies tend to choose 4U colocation UK because it offers maximum flexibility level than other servers.

4U colocation Uk

These are equipped with advanced PCI express card and have a great storage amount. If you are one of those business owners who want to expand their operations and switch from 2u or 3u colocation to 4u colocation, then this guide is best for you. Server colocation experts have explained everything from 4U colocation to colocation hosting and pricing. Let's explore further before making a choice your business.

4U colocation UK and colocation hosting:

Colocation is just considered as a mini-storage form of servers. Many companies tend to build a physical data center for placing their servers or sometimes try to run their servers out of office spaces. Instead, organizations that want to run their personal equipment outside of their office space can usually rent out the server rack space, bandwidth, and even the hardware or equipment from the London colocation data center.

Colocation generally lies in the middle like between utilizing cloud infrastructure and creating a data center specifically dedicated to your servers. Companies that are relying on server needs and cannot meet their requirements through cloud providers are definitely the best candidates for server colocation.

What is 4U colocation UK?

Before describing what 4u colocation is, it's important to understand the difference between 1u, 2u, 3u, and 4u colocation.

1U colocation servers are considered as a popular choice and best for small businesses. They offer reliable power, and much efficient and robust. However, they are not a good choice for the compute-hungry database.

2U colocation servers are best when you are looking for a cost-effective solution for improving your virtualization performance. They have efficient memory support and equipped with various features and capabilities which are not found in 1u servers.

3U servers are equipped with more efficiency and have high-density solutions. These servers are basically used by the companies which have diverse server needs and the 1u server is not able to accommodate those requirements. They are best to optimize for 24 hours of performance.

And now it comes 4u servers; the most efficient and reliable choice especially for expanding businesses. They have 4 unit rack spaces and equipped with a PCI express card. They have the most amazing power supply choices and enough storage support which makes it an exceptional choice for large businesses.

When you are looking for colocation server hosting, 4u servers are best to consider. With their four-unit server colocation solution, your business can easily leverage the maximum expertise of highly qualified technical engineers at cost-effective pricing plans. Moreover, you can also get maximum return on investment as compared to other hosting solutions. There are a lot of companies in the UK that help you optimize smooth operations, provide increased efficiency and deliver ideal profit margins.

4u colocation service providers can simplify your 4 unit server colocation solutions by providing wide floor space, maximum power and different outclass amenities to offer managed colocation solutions. Therefore, it’s best to choose the services that provide reliable, scalable, flexible and robust colocation solutions.

What are the benefits of choosing colocation London for 4u colocation?

There are plenty of benefits to consider 4u colocation services in the UK. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Maximum scalability:

One of the most significant reasons companies chooses colocation is, they can enjoy scalable features offered by hosting services. If you want to switch from 1u colocation to 4u colocation, companies can help you move easily according to your business needs. By doing this, you can easily scale your infrastructure as well.

  • Extensive connectivity:

Extensive connectivity looks the prime benefit of 4u server colocation, and it’s definitely a major reason why companies choose 4u colocation and choose a reliable data center that can fulfill their needs. Companies cannot have this privilege on their own premises. Because it takes a lot of investment and technical expertise which is probably not affordable for many small businesses.

  • Best uptime support:

If you don't want your servers to experience downtime, it's better to consider the most advanced solution. With 4u colocation, you can further ensure that your server will never experience any downtime as it would be stored in a secure facility running efficiently through maximum power support and efficient security solutions.

UK colocation pricing for 4u:

If you are looking for 4u colocation support, have a look at these features and London colocation prices highlighted by experts in the UK.

4U colocation solution charges you £58.59 per month for 1 year. By paying this amount, you will be able to get unmetered bandwidth, 1 GB burstable public port, and maximum power draw of 2.0 AMP. You will have 24 hours access to check your server. And you can also enjoy shared rack space. Moreover, you will be provided with combination locks for maintaining efficient security.

If you want more features and benefits, you will need to switch to 5U colocation or quarter rack colocation UK that can guarantee various elements in cost-effective rates.

4U colocation UK is probably one of the best choices to consider for your business needs as it has a lot of versatile features and amazing benefits. If you are looking for top choices, Server Colocation experts in the UK can help you a lot in this regard. You can discuss your business requirements and let the professionals come up with a more reliable solution for excellent results.

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About Server Colocation UK

Our servers are located in our own data center which is located in Derby, United Kingdom.
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Our Remote Hands service covers assistance with the following items:
– Server reboots
– CDROM connect/disconnect
– Cable checks and moving network cables.
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If you require services outside of the above (for example, installation of software), we can provide this as part of our Additional Services, which is chargeable. Please contact your account manager or our helpdesk for further information.

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