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Main Three Reasons for Playing FFXIV Server Congestion Status 


Welcome to other Echoes of the Eorzea program! Today I will be trying to generate a list of the main reasons for playing FFXIV. ‘Usually, I’ll be talking to colleagues about Final Fantasy XIV and telling the good and bad of this game; I've seen that it would be easy to have a list I could throw at them! Talking as being a very casual player, here are fascinating reasons why I think FFXIV server status  community are very friendly. Well, like any MMO, there are two sides to the coin and the game is not without its frustration. In the meantime, here at Server Colocation, let's focus on the good, in some order. 


For those who may not know it, the FFXIV server congestion status is the second and most recent MMORPG in the series produced by Square Enix. Published in 2010, the game was initially dropped until further notice was re-released as 'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' in 2013 following the new way of Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P). Set in the lands of Eorzea, we play as an adventurer blessed with an extraordinary gift called the 'Echo,' which gives us the ability to see past glimpses of others and prevent us from being deceived by Primal. We follow in the footsteps of our visitors as they travel through the great and beautiful lands to find their place in the world following the catastrophic events of the Calamity that occurred five years earlier.

FFXIV server congestion status 


3 Reasons to Play FFXIV Server Congestion Status 


It’s Pretty 


This is a hot topic as it depends on what you find attractive. With that disclaimer on track, I will explain in more detail! 




Eorzea is an ever-changing place from sunrise to moonset, with beautiful transitions between day and night and everything flowing in between. There are a variety of vistas to watch in Eorzea including the Thanalan Desert, La Noscea beaches, dense jungles in Gridania, and the icy plains of Coerthas. Each environment has many wonderful places to explore. The climate is changing the environment too, adding a lot of character and beauty to the world. 




Glamor is the FFXIV term used to refer to the making of garments by changing one piece of gear to look like another. Some say that glamor is ‘the end game’ and for others, this is quite true! Weapons in FFXIV have amazing details and are well-designed in quantity and depth. This is not just a flattering image given in a character model; it has details, layers, and texture. 


There is a very famous website committed to all things Glamor called Eorzea Collection. This site has an incredible catalog of gears combinations to look for inspiration in case you get lost in the fashion world or simply want to get an idea of what kind of gear is available. I would highly suggest a site visit. 


Character Creation 


The creation of FFXIV characters is nowhere near Black Desert Online locations, however, it is not limited to anything like World of Warcraft. I find it achieves an exciting place among very few or too many options, though I'm sure the character models will be updated sometime in the future. Creation has five races (six with the installation of the Au Ra which opened after the purchase of Heavensward), each consisting of two races and different options including height, skin color, race or gender, hair, and eye color (with lots of color options), multiple hairstyles, tattoo or make-up, and so on. 


Choosing a happy look is therefore very important at this point because the player can have all the classes/work and collect/ artwork from the same character so there is no need for minimal resources. In this game, more than any MMO I've ever played, your character avatar becomes a big part of your gaming identity. That being said, for each character you create, you are given one free Fantasia potion, which is a complete symbol of character correction (name not released). If you wish to change the look of your character several times, Fantasias is available at Mogstation (FFXIV online shop) for a cheaper £5.75. 




The typical kindness of the FFXIV community was something I saw early in my life traveling through Eorzea. When I was a little new player, one person ran past me and occasionally gave me a lovely animal that didn’t go with the fight. A stranger designed me with a bobble hat and during the Halloween party, I took a picture of one of the city decorations and found the PM in one of the people sitting next to me asking if I wanted him out of the way if it blocked part of my screenshot (now one of my longest FFXIV friends I know). Dungeon teams have always been very friendly and patient, though I know that not everyone has the same experience. Another example of this amazing community was found on multiple servers, where players reached a temporary location during Stormblood access early and hundreds of players formed a formal queue and patiently waited in line for 4-6 hours just trying to get into work alone, which was broken due to release pressure. 


The community around FFXIV is not only warm, kind, and supportive, but they all share the amazing love for the game that leads to excellent community content and projects. 


As with all things, there will always be bad eggs depending on your perspective and your involvement in the game, not to mention the big difference from what I was used to. I think I've come across ten players in 3 years (in a game), even if I use a prison finder regularly. I still believe that the FFXIV community is the kindest I have ever experienced all the MMOs I have played so far (about six) and it has been a great contribution to why I love this game so much. 


Emotes - FFXIV Server Congestion Status 


FFXIV is the most passionate MMO I have played in phases of character emotions and communication with other players, probably because the emotive system is developed using motion capture. Under the social media menu, there is a complete icon panel that you can use. 


Emotes also change depending on their race and gender. There are lots of facial expressions, dances, happy and sad emotions, you have three options for the way your character looks, and three in the way it sits. Many remotes and dances can be unlocked throughout the game's content with the main story questline, side quests, monster races, or Gold Saucer. 


Final Thoughts: 


Remember that the game is not for everyone. If you want a quick recovery experience with all your rides, pets, and dungeons. If you do not think out of the box, this is NOT your game, you should not choose to play the FFXIV server congestion status


Thank you for taking the time to look at this article, I hope there has been some use of it for you or to pass on to someone you know who might be interested in picking and playing FFXIV. There are so many other things about the game I could say but here at server colocation, I decided to make a short and lasting impression it would not take a lot of your time! 


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